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- PS4 demos will be shown at E32013

- The standard resolution of the PS4 should be at 1080p and 60 fps.

- Every PS4 should be shipped with a PS Move compatible controller and camera.

- The PS4 will cost about EUR 400 to EUR 500 in Europe, where Sony has here probably expect to lose

- PS4 games will not run well at 4K 'Ultra HD' resolution.

- The PS4 will not be backwards compatible with PS3 games

- Games need to be registered to PlayStation Network account.

- The paid premium service PlayStation Plus will be an important pillar of the PS4.

- "In-Game" Advertising is to keep on the PS4 collection.


read more at neogaf.

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@FluxWaveZ said:


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Yeah, no.

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That also says used game will not run on it. So no. Not true. And most of it is just stuff they have supposedly collected from "Sources" 

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