My PS4 went into safe mode (how bad might this be?)

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I was playing guacamelee for the past 6 hours. I was fighting flame face, who I presume to be the second to last boss. Guacamelee froze, I go to te dashboard and select 'close application'. Then my ps4 freezes. So I hit the power button and it eventually turns off. Now when I turn it on it asks me to connect a controller via USB. It is now in safe mode and I instructs me to download the latest software, from the Sony website, onto a USB stick and load it onto my PS4.

I will do that in a few hours.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Did loading the software from a USB fix everything?

Did you have to send in your console to Sony?

Did Sony help at all?

Thank you giantbomb for letting me vent.

This could not have been timed more poorly, I am in a very tight financial situation I don't (and won't) have the money to buy another if it is really messed up. Ugh! Why?!

At least it didn't happen a day after diablo 3 for ps4 was released.

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@basm321: I haven't done this process, but from what I've heard, it's rather easy. It's the same method used to install the firmware on a newly installed hard drive; I expect it to just wipe the data on your drive and restart from scratch. Unless there is a deeper problem with the drive, I would expect it to be fine--although I'm no expert, of course.

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That sounds like the OS got corrupted? Which Ive never heard of in a console. I would hope asking for software imply s there isnt a hardware failure. Either way not a good sign. Hopefully its just due to the freeze, and not a issue with a failing hard drive/memory section.

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First thing to do is not panic. Try their method of fixing it and proceed from there. Those consoles aren't out of warranty, so even if it's borked, it would be covered. No reason to need to buy another console if it wasn't your fault.

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@andrewb: Thank you so much for notifying me that it is still under warranty. Was I supposed to save any particular price of paper or anything? I have the box but I'm not sure that I have all the paperwork that came in the packaging. The warranty is for 1 year, correct?

I am currently in the process of following sony's steps to correct this problem. I just hope it works.

All I should have lost is 6hours of guacamelee, but I love metroidvania games so much I won't mind replaying it, while listening to dah bombcast!

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Yay! Things are working, I'm downloading my cloud saves as I type. Thank y'all, I was quite worried.

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@Basm321: Three days ago I experienced the same issue. COD Ghosts froze (has happened many time before) but this time the PS4 screen went black before trying to restart several times and finally displaying the safe mode. I would try and upload the new software several times but that did not work. Didn't try the USB drive only because Sony PS4 customer support told me that I needed to send the game system in. I could not even power off the system by pressing the power button. Glad you were able to address your issue.

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Can some1 please help me the same thing has happened to me so ive downloaded the software put the USB in to ps4 but it won't install it it keeps sayin error su-30634-6

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@hels1225: here is the process I used to fix my ps4's booting up into safe mode.

If you have had your (son's) ps4 online with default setting than games save files will have been uploaded to the cloud at the end of each play session. So you will be able to redownload the saved progress of your games.

Your purchased games will be tied to your psn account, so once you have logged back into the ps4 with your (son's) psn profile you will be able to find and redownload digitally purchased games by going to the far right of the dashboard/xmb and selecting library

Sorry I jumped the gun, I didn't register that part where you already tried this.

I wish you the best of luck but I made this thread because I'm no good at this stuff either

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