My Ps4 Won't Read My New External Drive

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I just bought a 4tb WD external hard drive and I have the update downloaded and installed. When I plug it in the light comes on. Then when I go to devices and select usb storage device is says there's no device plugged in. :/ it's a usb 3.0 and it is a drive that seems compatible. Is there something wrong with the drive?

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Try formatting it on a computer as a Master Boot Record (MBR) drive and FAT32.

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Posted this in another thread, but it seems relevant here too

Slight warning. I bought a Seagate 2TB USB3 Drive, and upon connecting it, was told it wasn't supported. Disconnected and re-connected, and got the same error message. Upon following the URL it gave me, it said to make sure you're inserting the USB plug fast and firm, so I tried again, as fast as I felt safe going without damaging my console, and it worked fine.

Short Version, make sure you plug it in fast.

Took me several attempts to get it to register properly.

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