Oculus Rift vs Sony's HMZ-T1

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Do you guys think either of them will be supported on PS4? Which one would you prefer? There is also Silicon Micro Display ST1080.

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i actually bought the silicon micro display one, Biggest lump of garbage ever. i was soo stoked that i was able to get a refund.(that thing was fucking 800 dollars, i was too naively optimistic)

see the problem with those devices, particularly the silicon microdisplay one and the sony hmz, is that the field of view (how much the screen inside the device covers your eyes when you view it) is very small, you dont get the illusion of VR with those headsets. it feels like your in the far back row in a theater.

plus if your face isnt shaped for those devices, its the most uncomfortable thing ever.

so by default the oculus rift would be the best one out of the bunch, because their field of view covers your entire face and it feels like your in VR

so yea best you wait for the consumer version of the oculus rift (which is expected in Q4 2013- 2014).

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as for ps4 support, probably not natively support it as people have moved away from 3d.

uill still probably get support with it as i believe the ps4 is supposed to still support 3d games, so those headsets would work with the 3d games.

probably wait til e3 to see what happens, as ideally thats where you would hear about stuff like what you want to know.

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@mrfluke: Great to hear from someone with first hand experience.

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@jayu26: yea, i have a good feeling i know what you want out of those devices. and trust me when i say this, you wont get what you want out of the hmz and the silicon microdisplay, your best bets will be on the oculus rift once those guys have a consumer version ready.

if you haven't already, you should watch the kickstarter pitch video for the oculus rift. the founder of oculus, plamer lucky really does speak the truth with what he is saying, (as someone that used one of the other headsets, hes totally right in what he says) palmer actually bought the silicon microdisplay and give it a review wayyyy before the oculus was even a thing over at another forum.


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Yup, Oculus Rift is basically way ahead of any existing consumer headset. I doubt that the PS4 will support it (see quote below), but it will depend on developers and whether they will make a devkit for it or not.

Currently, game developers need to explicitly integrate support for the Oculus Rift. A proper Oculus integration is critical because you’re no longer looking at a flat screen– you feel as though you’re actually inside the virtual world.

Oculus VR FAQ

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