PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown Video

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#1 Posted by pauljeremiah (151 posts) -

Just after been released by Sony via their YouTube channel.

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#2 Posted by TanookiSuit (589 posts) -

Has Sony done one of these for all of there systems? This was very well done. That heat sink is MASSIVE

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#3 Posted by pauljeremiah (151 posts) -
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#4 Posted by GearSol (79 posts) -

@tanookisuit: There was also one for Wired for the initial PS4 release, but earlier than that I have no idea about.

Anyways, I always like seeing videos like these. Also nice to know how easy it is to change out the hard drive.

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#5 Posted by rethla (3622 posts) -

@pauljeremiah: Nice to see an teardown done by a pro and not the usual youtubekid with a sponsored screwdriver kit.

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#6 Posted by Bollard (7748 posts) -

That makes me even more impressed that they manage to keep these things cool enough despite putting the power brick inside the console... The thing is huge! Think about how much more airflow you'd get if it was external. It's hardly surprising Microsoft kept theirs external to be on the safe side this generation.

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#7 Posted by hmoney001 (1087 posts) -

It looks like its designed to allow users to remove the top portion to get to the fan without voiding the warranty.

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#8 Posted by jerkchicken (51 posts) -

Man, I thought I was hairy. That dude has wolf man hands.

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#9 Posted by pauljeremiah (151 posts) -

@jerkchicken: Yeah, it's Robin Williams level of hairy hands and arms.

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