Please PSN, just take my freaking money!

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So, there i was spending my hard earned money on PSN, because i've recently bought a PS4 and i'm a little it excited about it, so i'm buying a lot of stuff on psn with all these sales, but all of a sudden, i get this error... "WC-40382-7" I'm like sure, i've been here a while, i should probably go to the bathroom, but before i do that, i try it again, thinking it was just some bug or something, but no, nothing, and after trying a bunch of different cards, after making a pay pal account just for this, i get on the internet and see that this is a known issue that has been happening basically since the damn thing launched!

Basically it means that if you buy a lot of stuff, you might get some mischarges, and if you get enough of those, the're gonna ban you form buying anything on PSN... For how long i have no idea, some ppl say 48 hours, other say forever... But regardless... Sony is shooting themselves in the foot on a daily basis!

Anyway, it seems like the only option for me now is to buy PSN cards, but i guess that in a way i have to thank Sony, because being able to buy any game without leaving the house, was making it too damn easy for me to spend money, so now that i have to make the effort to go out and get PSN cards, i'll probably have enough time to realize that "Heh, i don't really need to play that game!" Haha. ;)

Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone here has ever had this problem, and if you found a way to fix it.

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@bprjctx: I would definetely try contacting PS Support, even in the thread you linked some people mention it might be an issue with your bank or some other stuff like that. I have a good experince with Sony support, even on their chat thing as I am not a native speaker so I would not call them, but I do have an US account. Good luck!

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@bprjctx: Normally the hold is only 24 hours long. This happened to me about a month ago when I went to pre-order Titanfall 2 through the PSN (web version). For some reason the site had an issue at the time and it charged me near 30 times for the single pre-order. I then couldn't get anything to go through unless I used a PSN card. I called Sony and they said it should clear up in 24 hours.

Your best bet is to just take the 30+ minutes and get on the phone with Sony PSN customer support (855-999-7669) and see if there is some weird hold on your account.

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You don't need to leave the house to get PSN cards. You can buy codes off of Amazon that you can get right away off the website.

But yes, PSN can be very frustrating, in a number of ways.

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Your bank might have a safety function that prevents it. My bank only allow sites that use "Verified by VISA" where you put your card into a calculator looking machine that gives you a one use code that you use. It is good since it makes it hard for people to hijack your card but it can be quite difficult to use it in many cases.

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Wow that really sucks. I hope you get it sorted buddy.

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Not the same thing I know, but my cc/bank freaks out about every steam sale. Invariably I will get a call 5 minutes after I buy a number of games, and a recorded voice will express it's distress, freezing my card and the PN to call. In this case I deal with my bank.

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I had the same problem as you have now, but I was able to circumvent the issue by using my credit card via PayPal. Sadly, this does not seem to work in your case.
The good news is: the problem seemed to resolve itself after about a month as PSN now takes my credit card without using the PayPal-workaround.
So I guess all you can do is wait until PSN unfucks you credit card on its own.
(I tried contacting Sony's support and all they said was to use the PSN cards, which also does not fix your problem at all.)

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@bybeach: I actually know why that is. All those transactions look like they occur in Valve HQ in California, which, depending on your location, looks like textbook credit card theft since you're suddenly making many expensive purchases outside your usual geographical area.

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Yeah the few times I've had to make PSN purchases, I've always run into issues. It seems like they also flag capitilization and punctuation/spacing on CC info in a way that I've never experienced before. As someone who has moved around from apartment to apartment and has to deal with weird unit numbers, my CC info is seldom the same as the time of my last purchase and it's usually just long enough to forget the specific magic that PSN requires for that stuff to be authorized.

Just a nightmare, it's always so bad.

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Contact Sony, not GB forums.

Sony's billing address verification is very sensitive. Any kind of mismatch triggers it. If anyone can help you it's Sony support.

I don't have a CC on my PS account since PSN was hacked that one time. I just buy PSN cards from Amazon. No leaving the house, they just send you codes and you type them into PSN.

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