PS4 and my A40 mic is way too loud.

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Title says it all. My friends say it's like I'm on a loudspeaker as compared to everyone else and Ive listened to myself on a message and it's true. I have moved the mic far away from my face, up, down and sideways. Nothing seems to help.

Is there anyone here with this same issue? Were you able to fix it somehow? Ive looked but I dont see anything about mic volume in the PS4 devices menu, am I missing something?

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No, mine is also, I dont think here is a fix as of yet. At least not that I heard of.

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Put the mic on a table in front of you? That's all I've got. Sounds like an annoying issue. Definitely do some googling if you haven't already. There's got to be some sort of fix out there.

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As you know from the Astro website forums, there is no solution for this right now. As they say, 'speech is silver; silence is golden'. Likely the solution will have to come from Sony in the form of a 'level' selection, something that PS3 has but PS4 does not.

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Hopefully they come out with that soon

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