PS4 Boost Mode Performance and Impressions

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For those of us who bought PS4 Pro's, boost mode is exactly what I've been hoping for. Impressions online have been pretty positive so far and digital foundry just put up an initial analysis and the improvements can be pretty dramatic. So far, up to a 38% increase in performance. While this doesn't sound like a lot to some of you, it can push games to a consistent 30 or 60 frames!

Now with this feature, it's not much easier to recommend people purchase the Pro instead of the base.

Not sure if anyone is in the beta, but if so, any impressions?

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Not in the beta, but the announcement of this thing led me to buy a Pro this weekend. A more stable Witcher 3? Sign me up.

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This is very encouraging. Now if they could find a way to get 4K blu-ray support then it would push me into getting one. If my launch PS4 dies I will probably get a Pro either way.

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@sammo21: That's not gonna to happen.

I bought an Xbox one S for this.

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@horseman6: That'd be a waste for me. I have an Xbox One and never use the dumb thing, don't even care for their exclusives any.

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I know most people aren't fans but I went to GameStop last werk and traded in my launch PS4 for a pro. They had a solid promotion going and got about 200 bucks back. The total was around $238 total, tax included. I don't know how long the deal is going but considering the slim is $299 brand new, 200 for a PS4 is a decent deal. Anyway, hearing this news right after I bought one is awesome. Glad it seems like it's working so well.

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