Ps4, Disappointed no console shown?

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#51 Edited by Cold_Wolven (2523 posts) -

I wouldn't say bitter as I'm willing to let this absence of the physical console slide since it will most likely be revealed at the E3 press conference. But yeah just a little disappointed.

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#52 Posted by FinalDasa (3131 posts) -

Nope, you do that at E3. Just like they have always done.

This. It's still February and you need momentum until November or October when this thing comes out. You don't put everything out at once which is why this "meeting" was so surprising since they released so much info in one sitting.

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#53 Posted by PhilipDuck (687 posts) -

I agree guys that what was shown was awesome tbh with what i thought would happen, actually having playable games and specs and exclusives all rolled into that 2 hours was great, It's always just nice to have the hardware shown at the end. I guess i'm just used to that happening.. Still i'm on board with Sony for this console, have a strong feeling Microsoft are going to take the Nintendo route and go 'casual'. (They be thinking about the money!)

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I didn't even realize it, until you brought it up. I was too in love with what heard and saw, to care about what I didn't hear or see.

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#55 Posted by Nasharoo (64 posts) -

It would have been nice to see the physical console, like Brad said on the livestream it makes the whole thing seem far more real. Things like number of USB ports etc would have been of some interest as well as the Hard drive situation. Still some qustions over the actual hardware, but there was never going to be a full reveal.

All in all seems decent, personally wasn't hugely blown away by it. I'm impressed by how much the GB boys got right about it when they discussed it a few weeks ago.

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#56 Posted by iGooner7 (152 posts) -

Not a single damn given! Didnt you see all those Epic reveals?!

Those were enough for me.

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#57 Posted by Butchio (354 posts) -

no, it keeps everyone talking about it up to E3 and then its kind of like a double reveal. The part im happiest about is the feature they didnt announce, no pre-owned games. If they keep it so that you can play pre-owned games, im in on day 1

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#58 Posted by RVonE (5003 posts) -

I think it's a lot more important to see what the controller looks like instead of the box. And they showed us, which is great. Oh and games.

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#59 Posted by Matt_F606 (351 posts) -

The controller is now the most interesting piece of hardware on these next-gen systems. The consoles will just be a black box that will eventually be sold in smaller whiter versions. As long as it has HDMI and sits under my TV I don't really care.

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You know I was going to say Sony generally make pretty nice looking machines, but then I remembered this piece of shit:

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I mean hell, the original PS3 was unwieldy but classy, the slim was uglier but not terrible, the super slim however is just a gross mish mash of glossy and matte plastic with out of place looking ridges.

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