PS4 Game updates not downloading when in Standby mode

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Hey duders

My understanding was that game updates were supposed to auto download whilst the system was in standby for Playstation Plus members, my PS4 does not and has never done this (I believe Jeff has had problems with this).

I have checked all of the settings on the system (under the Power Save menu and Automatic Downloads and Uploads menu) and they are configured as recommended -

For instance I turned my PS4 on yesterday 14/01/14 (from standby mode) and a Battlefield 4 and Killzone patch both started to download. I have noticed that the start-up from standby is not instant and shows the PS logo and health warning as if the console is shutting down.

Is this a problem with my PS4, the firmware or is it that the request for patches are only pushed to the network at certain times or certain days?

Game save uploads are working OK though.

If anyone has any input for help on this matter I would be appreciative.

Thanks all, Phil

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I recently tried putting the PS4 in stanby mode the other day and the same thing happened. Patches started downloading when I started it up again.
It's weird cause I bought a couple of games with the phone app while I was at work that day, and they were finished downloading when I woke it up again.

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@teoball: Yeah same here, remote buying seems to wake the system up which is very odd.

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The first few days I had my PS4, I had this problem too, but then for no apparent reason it started working as advertised, and downloaded the stuff in standby. And when I buy something (ie, a game) on Sony's PSN website, and tell it to download to my PS4, it does while the thing is off.

I'm kinda sorry it just worked on its own for me, because I don't have any suggestions to make.

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#5 Posted by l4wd0g (2370 posts) -

mine too. The OS seems to be full of little oddities that i can't quite explain.

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Yeah same here, so i decided to disable the standby mode. Also the console stopped uploading saves automatically for some reason, so i have to do it manually. Usually it uploaded all the save games everyday, now it haven't done it for two weeks.

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