RE5 hd or TEW for ps4? Or: does RE5 sucks?

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Hi, i am hesitating between which of these two games to buy. Can you recommend me this or that? There are not many reviews for RE5 hd, but i heard RE5 isn't as good as its predecessor. I played 4 and it was good, how does 5 compare to 4? Thanks

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5 is like 4, but a bit worse. It's not as good or innovative as 4, but I had a lot of fun with it and would definetly reccomend it over Evil Within.

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TEW? The Evil Within? Come on, dude, not everybody knows what every acronym means.

RE5 is more action-oriented than 4. It's a pretty good game, but it's shorter than 4 and it's best played with one friend in co-op. So find a buddy who has also never played RE5 and go through it with them.

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RE5 isn't bad but I didn't enjoy it that much playing it solo. TEW I liked a lot but ppl here will tell you otherwise. If you have someone to play co-op w/, RE5 is probably the better choice.

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I looked at the thread title and was wondering when Adam Ryland brought out Total Extreme Warfare, the wrestling booking/management sim, on console. Sadly I'm disappointed

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RE5 is a much better game than evil within. evil within has tonal issues up the ass. RE5 at least accepts it's an action game. somewhat entertaining story too.

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Any Resident Evil game would probably be a better alternative to the evil within. RE5 has a pulse and keeps things interesting. The evil within did a good job of keeping me bored.

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After they fixed the FOV issues and black borders in TEW, it's actually playable now. The story is a little more serious (although it's trying too much) than "shooty bang BOW's" everywhere in RE5. I also found the combat/action/stealth mix in TEW more interesting.

Both get kind of grindy in the long run. But if you've got a friend to play with then RE5 will prob. be a more fun experience.

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TEW? The Evil Within? Come on, dude, not everybody knows what every acronym means.

RE5 is more action-oriented than 4. It's a pretty good game, but it's shorter than 4 and it's best played with one friend in co-op. So find a buddy who has also never played RE5 and go through it with them.

I just have to point out that you knew RE5 lol. Anyway, i came to say the same thing Resident evil 5 is pretty good co-op, when I played we just unlocked all the weapons and ran through the thing and had a good time.

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RE5 is the co-op one iirc, great for dumb fun with friends if that's your fancy. 👍

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I really like Resi 5, it's probably my personal favourite in the series despite probably not being the "best" on most counts.

It's a really good time; especially so if you have a friend. Personally I'd definitely recommend it. But know going in that it's way more of an action-horror where you'll be shooting a lot. If you'd rather play a more atmospheric survival horror then The Evil Within is probably a better bet. I've only watched that, not played it, though.

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Thanks for answers. I'm gonna buy the RE5 hd, even i'll play it alone without a friend. Is it at least 10 hours long? I hope so. Otherwise - it's a shame there aren't many survival horror games :/ I can count about 5 for ps4. 1) Alien Isolation, 2) The Evil Within, 3) RE Origin Collection, 4) RE7, 5) Scorn (Not released yet). Did i forget something?

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@richardqx: I don't know what is required to be considered survival horror but Outlast is a pretty popular horror game that may be worth checking out on YouTube to see if you'd be interested. Soma and Zombi have some elements, too.

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I liked The Evil Within better. It's a flawed game that felt like a return to form after a decade of mediocre Resident Evil games. Yet the mind delving aspect of it also made it feel new.

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Re5 is basically Re4 with a devil may cry mission selection. I would say its slightly better than Re4 due to the ability to context sensitive stomp rather than knifing downed enemies.

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RE 1-4 are the only games worth playing

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I dunno man, you should take a look at M3 though. Also DE is pretty good. I got bored after a while but if you haven't played O check that out.

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I like RE5 more than most people, I will admit that right up front. I think it is a really fun action game. Sadly, it borrows a bit too much from RE4. If you are playing with a buddy then you are in for a fan-fucking-tastic good time. I didn't like anything about TEW. It had a handful of bright spots, but mostly was a slog to play through. I had friend once tell me that it was all worth it once you get toward the end, but I couldn't stand to play it for that long. RE5 was more tense, imo, and neither one of them were scary.

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Resident Evil 5 is probably the better of the two games, but it's really built to take advantage of two players. Going through that game alone isn't the greatest of times.

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I have completed RE5 a total of 76 times, with the same friend. I played 1 hour of Evil Within.

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I finished Akumu last night, after last playing through TEW in 2015. Akumu made me dislike some of the mechanics more than ever before. But I think it's a pretty good game overall. The difficulty and trial and error probably turns a lot of people of. I like a challenge and I'm stubborn. The game kind of reminds me of Dark Souls in how sadistic is it and in how the world (Ruvik's mind) is trying to kill you. I don't know what FrostyRyan means when he says the game has tonal issues up the ass. It has a pretty decent story with amazing atmosphere and rather weak dialogue. TEW was directed by an artist. RE5 was directed by a pair of unoriginal amateurs who tried to copy RE4, but failed. It even brought back El Gigante, but made the fight worse. If TEW has tonal issues, RE5 has scenes that are just terrible. Like most of the ones featuring Wesker talking and the scene in which Chris punches a boulder. The inventory and sharing it is dreadful (An herb takes up as much room as a rocket launcher.) and the partner AI barely functions if you're playing alone. I couldn't even finish the game as Sheva. When I was replaying it, I had to switch to Chris in the last chapter because he wasn't doing what he was supposed to.

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RE5 is my favorite RE game. Play it with a friend if you can.

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RE5 is very good. I wouldn't play the Evil Within unless it was on PC or PS4 Pro. The game has ALOT of performance issues and I'm not entirely sure all the bugs are fixed on consoles either. So that's just a warning. Evil Within, in my opinion is also harder than RE5 if that matters to you.

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I loved 5, but it was my first RE game. But I think it still holds up and is a fun co-op game. There is something real satisfying about playing on ng+ with a beefed up weapon and just destroying the enemies that gave you a hard time.

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I did not play Evil Within. I did play RE5 and I enjoyed it. RE5 has it's problems like the AI and weird level design. It's a good co-op game and plenty of Resident Evil schlock.

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RE5 lacks the interesting setting/atmosphere (at least in my opinion) compared to RE4, and the length is much, much shorter (you can beat it in under five hours, though probably not on the first playthrough); I also hate Wesker's voice and the villains aren't as interesting as four's. That all added up to make me dislike RE5 initially, but over time I realized it was a superb game itself; I really like RE5. I played the first chapter only when we got it on the One since co-op doesn't work properly (as in, no trophy/achievement support for the second player and the second player shares the same profile as the first, so no carry over of items for both players, just the one).

I like it fine as a solo game, but I didn't really want to play it much alone, so I never played it again on the One, and RE7 has already come and gone which makes me less likely to want to play it as there's not much hype for me. It's a much better game than The Evil Within, but it's not as scary or intense. The Evil Within is only intense in moments that have you in claustrophobic places with hideous monstrosities that want to kill you, otherwise it's an action game that gives you only enough ammo to get through and not more. RE5 is the game to get between these choices, and you don't need a friend/sibling, though it can be more fun to play, and Sheva isn't great.

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I enjoyed RE 5. Dumb fun.

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I can only advise RE5 if you have a friend to co-op it with. It can be a lot of fun like that, but it's a damn right chore otherwise.

The marsh area is a great section for team play and a great place to farm some money, a friend and I spend hours there just repeating the same mission.

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