Sony is raising the PS4 price (in Canada)

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#51 Edited by ClairvoyantVibrations (1572 posts) -

Well fuck me.

It's still cheaper than an X Box One. I still think this sucks. Also means I won't be moving into the next generation for a while

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#53 Posted by joshwent (2897 posts) -
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Just read the article and found it strange that they don't even give a reason why.

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Well, I guess it'll be just that much longer until I buy a current gen platform. By the time I'm ready to buy in this probably won't be an issue any longer though, there aren't any console exclusives coming out this year that I want all that badly. It'd be nice to play inFamous, but that and Destiny are the only console exclusives coming out this year that I'm at all interested in and the latter will be available on last gen as well. I'm not interested in paying $70 for games, and I'm not interested in dropping $450 on a PS4.

It'll be interesting to see if Microsoft follows suit on this though, or if they'll try to use this to their advantage instead and maybe gain some ground here. While I'd personally still rather get a PS4, it puts the two closer together for me.

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Stop complaining, it's 556,60 dollars here in europe (400 euro)

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#58 Posted by TheHumanDove (2520 posts) -

What if we apologize to them lots?

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#60 Posted by Scotto (1306 posts) -

The only "good" reason they could possibly have for this, is the weak dollar - except the Canadian dollar has been getting weaker since well before the PS4 came out. And furthermore, Sony don't get paid by end consumers - they get paid by retailers. presumably in either USDs or Yen. It's the retailers that would eat any weakness in the Canadian dollar, but they aren't the ones introducing this price hike. And if they pay Sony in Yen, the Canadian dollar is only worth 2% less (relative to the USD).

The other potential reason, is simply the intense demand for the console in Canada. It's impossible to find one anywhere. But if that's why, they are pricks.

Thankfully I already have both next-gen consoles, but if I didn't already own a PS4, I'd be re-considering trying to get one before the first price drop now. Canadian's always get royally screwed - when our dollar is at parity with the USD (or worth more), our prices don't go down. When our dollar is weak, everyone uses it as an excuse to gouge us for more.

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#61 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

This really sucks. I will definitely wait to get one now. I mean I understand kind of why... but has this ever happened before?

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#62 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4107 posts) -

What the hell Boyes?? You goddamn traitor! You're no longer welcome back home. The Moose Patrol will kick your ass back over the border if you're found. You're on notice.

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#63 Edited by DonPixel (2833 posts) -

Canada taxes are bananas anyway

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#64 Posted by spraynardtatum (4368 posts) -


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#65 Posted by theveej (934 posts) -

I got a xbox one already, was thinking of potentially picking a ps4 up if second son was amazing and they announced some games at E3. looks like im going to upgrade my pc instead.

BTW game prices are also going higher, DS2 was 64.99 most places I checked ( still has it at 59.99 or cheaper)

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Man. This sucks for all my Northern North America duders.

I'm also surprised to see Sony not get in front of this with messaging/info, unless it's not actually a Sony thing, but a retailer thing (Which seems really unlikely).

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@beepmachine: Nova Scotia represent!

But yea not being able to afford one or find one anywhere this doesnt change much for me.

Not surprised though with the quite up in price of new games recently .

Good for the early adopters I guess .

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#68 Posted by beepmachine (631 posts) -

@darkstalker: Damn straight!

I actually forgot to cancel the preorder I had in, so now mine has shipped. So I guess I saved 50 bucks??

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#69 Edited by Hunkulese (4008 posts) -

Hurray looks like PS4 game are now $70 as well.

Really should have just went with the $400 gpu.

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#70 Posted by Beb (298 posts) -

Jeff's positive Infamous:SS review almost got me to buy a PS4.

UNFORTUNATELY, it looks like 'the market' has spoken, and now a PS4 ($449.99+tax) and Infamous ($69.99+tax) is even more expensive than the XBONE Titantfall bundle ($499.99+tax) and the PS4 doesn't even include a decent headset or the camera.

Cool deal for early PS4 adopters not getting screwed for once, I guess, but no way am I getting a PS4 in the near future with these prices. Kinda disappointed.

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