Sony license out "pro" controllers to Razer and Nacon

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#51 Posted by Spoonman671 (5765 posts) -

"Oh, why don't we put trigger stops on our controller so it works better for shooters?"

Or maybe we can just start putting the shoot command on the right fucking buttons to begin with?

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#52 Posted by Grimluck343 (1371 posts) -

@jesus_phish outside of gears/halo/COD, what console titles do you consider eSports? People playing fighting games are gonna use a fightstick, not some goofy "Pro" controller.

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#53 Posted by Jesus_Phish (3165 posts) -

@grimluck343: Dude who won SF at EVO last year used a PS1 controller on an Xbox 360 using an adapter. People who play Smash will use controllers, some of them will use the Gamecube controller (which is goofy as fuck) and others will use the "pro" controller that Nintendo put out. Plenty of people playing fighting games will use controllers.

Nearly all the EA sports games have eSport events. Same for 2k and their basketball game.

Rocket League is a pretty popular eSport and you'd have people using controllers.

Overwatch is a pretty popular eSport and again, you'd have people who want to compete at it on a console and thus would use a controller.

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