Thinking of getting a PS4, but what to get with it?

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So i knew this day would come, The Show is out in a month on PS4 and i cant resist it, i played so much baseball on my PS3 last get its ridiculous, but im torn as to be honest theirs not a ton of other games in truly interested in right now. I was thinking about getting Black Flag as i haven't played it yet, but i think i can get it cheaper on my PC now and im guessing it still look better even on my old 6970. Also, Infamous don't look like my type of game and id rather have a longer experience to tied me over for awhile.

I really want to get a PS4 now to piss around with but im having trouble justifying the purchase, im sure id love Resogun and Mercenary kings looks good, plus trials comes out this week... But for the most part theres not a ton of stuff i cant get elsewhere cheaper. Am i missing something? Or should i just grab Black Flag and enjoy it for now even if its like 20 bucks more then PC? Thanks!

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@sanity: I'm in the same boat and I've been going back and forth on a purchasing decision for a while.

I want a PS4, but there are no real games that I want to play on it right now. There actually won't be anything that really interests me until the latter half of the year. So I think if I'd buy it now it would sit on my shelf collecting dust. At the same time, I'm gonna get it eventually so might as well get it over with? Man I just don't know.. when it launched in November I was hyped as all hell for new consoles but they sold out in my region for months. Now I've substantially cooled off on the whole idea and I go into the stores, look at the boxes and start going through the same mental checklist of what I'd play on it, always coming up short.

Life is, like, tough.

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OK, as a person who bought one at launch I can tell you there is no real "system seller" for the PS4 right now. I'd argue the same about the XB1. I will say though that there will be some of those coming out later this year and definitely next year. That being said there are a couple of "well, I am going to get one eventually, might as well do it now" games. AC4 on next-gen is pretty good. If you haven't played Last of Us then why not do it on a next-gen console and a superior controller. The Show 14 is a pretty good excuse to buy a PS4. If you're a big enough fan to think about buying a console just to play the better looking version why not just make the jump? The controls will be better by virtue of the PS4 controller being better than the PS3 controller. As always though if you've been using PS+ you have some games waiting for you to give a shot. Does it all add up to a system seller? Who can say, but you know those games will come and you'll at least have the system already to go when that game comes.

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@sanity: Black Flag is a good choice. It looks great on ps4 and runs well. Battlefield 4 is pretty much stable now on ps4 and it is a really great multiplayer shooter to pick up. Honestly the sooner the better for getting a ps4. Since the free games disappear if you don't redeem them you are missing out on free games. I think resogun is still up for sure and mercenary kings. Unfortunately they took off other great games like outlast and don't starve already.

If you like stealth games a lot Metal Gear is really enjoyable. Sure there is the length issue but I have almost 10 hours in that game so it can surely last if you like replaying levels. If you like Basketball games NBA 2k14 is really excellent and looks phenomenal. We are going to be in the thick of it shortly, and like I said each month you wait you are missing free games you could be getting and sometimes they are complete surprised. I remember dead nation was free two months ago and nobody had any clue they was coming till a week out.

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@mikey87144: Im not a PS+ sub so i think all id get if i signed up now is Mercenary Kings and Resogun right? Honestly not that heartbroken about it though as i already have Dont starve on pc and the rest of the games they have offered so far were all pretty blah. Like i said im pretty sure i want one just for the show, i know i'll sink at the very least 100+ hours in that and way more if i get deep into RTTS like i usually do, So i guess i could grab Black Flag and piss with it for now, thats about the longest game there is on the PS4 anyways right? Also is the DLC worth grabbing for it? Thanks!

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I think inFAMOUS is the closest thing to a "must-have" on the PS4 right now, so if that isn't your thing I'm afraid there isn't a whole lot else out there. There's a bunch of cool stuff looming just on the horizon though, so unless you really want to get one right now I'd just wait it out a bit.

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@sanity: The freedom cry DLC is worth getting. Also the multiplayer is the multiplayer if you're interested in that.

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Well if you are considering getting Resogun and Mercenary Kings... then just get PS Plus (there might be a free voucher in your box). Pretty sure both those are free still on Plus. Outlast is free on Plus as well. So that's 3 great games right there. Infamous Second Son is the best exclusive full-fledged release right now imo.

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I'm in the same boat, with witcher 3 being delayed till Feb 2015 I probably won't get it till then. I'm interested in dying light and watch dogs, so if they turn out to be good I'll buy it for those two. I've still got about 10 games for 360 that I gotta finish but I'm in a dark souls hole right now.

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I also was pretty hyped to get in at launch, it was sold out for a long period, now I've cooled off on it. Now I'm wondering if I should wait for a bundle of some sorts, but don't know when they usually start doing those.

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I was in the same boat until Friday when I finally took the plunge. Got my Xbone at launch and played just about everything, including the multiplats. I had been going through the same mental checklist at the store however part of new consoles for me is just the fun of unboxing it, hooking it up and messing around in menus. Even if there were no games to play, I'd get a few hours out of that :D

Well, after the weekend I can say I am happy with my decision. I picked up Infamous SS and that game looks amazing. Not really my cup of tea gameplay wise but the graphical fidelity is the best I've ever seen (not a PC gamer at all so take that with a grain of salt). Bought into PS+ and Resogun totally lives up to the hype. Thatis a video game. There is a free 14day PS+ Trail on the store right now too so no harm if you don't have +.

P.S. If you have a Denon receiver, be prepared for some potential HDCP issues. What a nightmare that was. Actually had my PS4 hooked up through my XBONE for a bit trying to figure it out :(

Now just waiting for THE SHOW!

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I'm still waiting for my PS4 too. For me the currently my game deadline is Destiny. If I haven't gotten one by then I will be getting both. For now, last time I had extra money to spend it went somewhere else. As for PS+, it's great if you have a PS3 now. Aside from what you get for PS3 I go onto Sony website every month and "purchase" all the free PS4 games. So as right now there is only resogun and mercenary kings available, but since I have been doing this the whole time I also have dead nation, outlast, Don't starve, and contrast all on my list of games. I do the same thing with all the vita games they offer in case I actually get a vita one day I'll have a large list of games I already "bought".

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I just bought a PS4, and yeah, not much to play on it besides InfamousSecondSon for me right now. I have already played the crossplatform games on XB1. I think it will be worth it, though, as I've not played Last of Us yet. Not going to miss all the PS exclusives this cycle, dammit!

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Ps4 is definitely worth getting my GB comrade.

1.You'll play an aswome line up of games in time.

2.You can stream gameplay, and party chat with friends.

3. Broadcast your very on porno.

4. In general the ps4 does everything.

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  • inFAMOUS is great
  • Resogun is still free with PS+
  • Mercenary Kings is also free with PS+ right now, but that will swap at the beginning of May
  • Killzone is a little dull but I enjoyed the SP and MP, and it's gorgeous
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#16 Posted by BradBrains (2132 posts) -

If your thinking about a console but aren't sure what games to get than just wait

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@humanity: I tend to ignore the argument, "if I'm going to get one eventually, I might as well get it now," if it's going to end up collecting dust. The reason is that you never know when you'll get a defective unit that may break after some use. Why waste the time you have on the warranty doing nothing?

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Eh, decided to get one and grabbed black flag with it, will definitely get a plus membership and start that, thanks for all the help guys. Gonna go mess with it now.

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Get Playstation Plus with it.


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I think there is plenty of dope stuff on PS4 granted some of that stuff is on other platforms but I've had tons of fun using my PS4

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Right now it's just fun to look at if you're not a PC gamer. As someone whose current Mac products still can barely run Half Life 2, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Second Son have just been a blast to experience. It was also fun to fart around in the FFXIV beta for a week, and I believe Warframe and a couple other games are still free-to-play, so along with Resogun, Mercenary Kings and something I feel like I'm forgetting (not to mention stuff I skipped like Outlast and Don't Starve) the system's had a steady stream of stuff for me to just mess with free of charge which has been pretty novel.

And I can't say I'm pleased with NBA 2K14 at all as a longtime fan of the series, but it's hard to ignore how beautiful it is (especially when friends come over and we have to jump back to 2K13 because I only have 1 PS4 pad) or how much more physical the game feels. It's just all the modes and design surrounding the game on the court that ruins it.

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@sergio said:

@humanity: I tend to ignore the argument, "if I'm going to get one eventually, I might as well get it now," if it's going to end up collecting dust. The reason is that you never know when you'll get a defective unit that may break after some use. Why waste the time you have on the warranty doing nothing?

One of the reasons why I'm still holding out. The inFamous bundle looks alright, although it would be nice if they at least gave you a blue/red controller or something

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@sanity: I bought at launch and have played most of the good games that have come out. If you want something to sink a lot of time into I'd recommend Battlefield unless you don't like online shooters. Assassin's Creed would''ve been good without the boring assassin's creed bits. And if you are ok with scary games I'd highly recommend outlast. Currently I'm playing tomb raider and it's awesome. Hope this helps!

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I'd definitely recommend Black Flag. You'll get hours of fun out of it.

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Black Flag is probably the only great game on it at the moment.

I've played Killzone and InFamous and I found them rather mediocre. They looked incredible though, which makes me excited to see what developers pull off this gen.

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Wait till E3, then you'll at least have a clearer idea of what's to come.

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@biorra7: First of all, that link goes nowhere. Also, you can't get GTA on a PS4

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My top 3 are

inFamous Second Son

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag


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To be honest I would wait for a bit. Because there are new games coming out in May and June which will be quality so I would wait so they have offer on the PS4 with the new games.

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Do you want a Netflix player? Buy a PS4 or Xbox One right now.

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Black Flag is pretty much the top game for it right now. The rest range from cool to meh, but Black Flag is a must.

Wolfenstein from the sounds of it will be the best FPS game for it at the moment (Killzone being disappointing as hell)

Bound by Flame is a cool little RPG thats pretty janky

There's also some indie games that are great. Don't Starve is fun, Awesomenauts is great multiplayer if you plan to play online (the bots are disappointing), Steamworld Dig is a fun but short game, Stick It to the Man is also a fun short game that is free this month, Towerfall Ascension is great local multiplayer fun, and... thats kinda it right now

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Killzone Shadow Fall is a game that can help hold you over if you are a fan of the series.

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I don't really believe in "system sellers" but instead that eventually people want enough of the system's library to spend the cash on it. You can rest easy in choosing to buy one of the new systems, as both have some great things coming down the pipe in the next 18 months. It's clear that there won't be a price drop any time soon, so buying now or buying later won't really matter much outside of whatever personal financial constraints you are limited with.

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