What are the pros and cons of the PS4 PRO?

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Hey guys, I sold my old Playstation 4 since it was a release model with the loud fans and the infamous beeping eject problem. Now I want to replace it with a newer PS4 but I can't decide between the PS4 Slim or the PS4 Pro.

Even though the PS4 Slim is cheaper, I don't mind paying extra to get a better frame rate and slightly better visuals and I feel like in a few years the base model will start to get the short end of the stick while the Pro becomes the main focus.

So, now that the Pro is out, what have people been saying about it? Besides the good framerate and better visuals, what other good things can it do? What's the bad stuff on it? I've heard about some games having performance issues on the Pro, but do you think it will get fixed? Is there other problems?

P.S.: I own a regular 1080 TV, so 4K and HDR is not something that I'll use, at last not for now.

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I got a pro and only have a 1080p TV so i'm in the same boat.

The games with the Pro patches look sharper but may not always perform better.

One of the little things I really like about the Pro is the extra ram dedicated to the apps. You can switch between the apps very quickly now.

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I would say if you dont mind paying the extra money and you dont currently own a ps4 then get the pro. especially with some of the deals this season, they were saying on the bombcast that some were going for like $320 usd. but if money is an issue or you already own a standard ps4 then i would say definitely dont upgrade to the pro.

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I got the pro for about the same reason, my launch model was as loud as an airplane and had disc eject syndrome to boot. I gotta say the games I'm playing right now seem to be taking advantage of the horsepower, even on a 1080p tv. Titanfall and Overwatch are two games that I'm really sensitive to the resolution scaling and they both seem to be able to hold 1080/60 without ever having to scale down on the pro, something that happened fairly often on my old ps4. Also I second that menus and app switching is so much smoother but my friend who has a more recent PS4 standard was already much zippier then my old one.

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If you are in the market get the pro

Pros - better resolution option and most games have graphical improvements

Cons - its ugly, some games will sacrifice a small bit of performance for graphic enhancement,and its launch ps4 price.

Things to think about - games will be patched and performance will eventually improve, graphical and performance enhancements are not standardized so you dont know exactly what you will get at 1080p from game to game, seems to take a while to back up data from old systems, and the pro should be looked at as a new machine and you should think of yourself as an early adopter and all the issues that comes with.

Hope that helps some

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Reasons for/against the Pro:

  • Games look better (for new games and a few ones you may already have) even on a 1080p TV without HDR.
  • All your old games and digital purchases/rentals/PS+ stuff will continue to work.
  • Makes PS VR look better.
  • Much quieter with old games; somewhat quieter than the launch model of PS4 for new games that look better.
  • Decent 4K upscaler and apps in case you ever get a 4K TV that's not great at upscaling/doesn't have all the streaming 4K apps built in.
  • You will have to wade through an eternity of people who don't have the Pro pointing to benchmarks that say occasionally a game that runs locked 30fps on the base model sometimes drops to 28fps while looking significantly better when running on the Pro as if this was the end of the world.
  • Slightly more expensive.
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The only con if you're comparing it to other PS4s is the price.

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