What are the top 5 most graphically impressive ps4 games?

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my 5 in no particular order:

Arkham knight

Battlefield 1

Star wars Battlefront

Uncharted 4


credit to witcher 3,might not have as good graphics as others on list but the art style is amazing.

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Bloodborne and BF1 are up there. MGSV and Uncharted are good shouts too. Battlefront looks great but I feel BF1 surpasses it and they kinda overlap? Not sure of a 5th myself, haven't seen Arkham but I know people think it looks good.

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Uncharted 4


Arkham Knight



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From my (admittedly limited) experience, number 1 is P.T.. Yes, I know it's a very small environment, shit still looks stunning.

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Ratchet and Clank is right up there with Uncharted 4 in my opinion. That game looks stunning.

Rise of the Tomb Raider looks pretty darn good as well.

And although The Order may only be around 4 hours long, the "wow" factor is pretty high, graphically speaking. I took my time playing that game, just enjoying the attention to detail that game had. I hope to see a sequel some day.

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Glad someone said The Order. Stunning to look at just not that fun to play

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The Order: 1886 was really impressive in generating a cohesive scene (often only seen in offline rendering).

Uncharted 4 is just some really nice game-ass visuals.

Until Dawn goes all the way to see if there's another side to the uncanny valley with some lovely tweaking of the animations evident.

Battlefield 1? I get the feeling I should put in one frostbite 3 engine game (except Mirror's Edge - that game did not look great on the consoles) here but am really not sure which one tops that list.

Destiny? Maybe not technically amazing but some of the stuff there is pretty great. I heard Doom was an ok port and that looked amazing on PC. The beta for The Division looked ok (also ended up on PC to play it so hard to comment in detail) and I love me some real-world urban visuals. With stuff like Horizon and Dishonored 2 coming very soon, I think lot on a current list could be replaced very shortly and even the launch window PS4 games (Killzone, inFamous) or in-between (DriveClub is still a great looking game with those dynamic effects patched in shortly after release) were not exactly slouching. Not every PS4 game looks great, but the PS4 has never lacked games that looked really good.

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Seems like my list is all games people have said but I think :

Uncharted 4

Infamous SS/FL

The Order

Ratchet and Clank

Star Wars Battlefront

Also, credit to MGSV and Doom for games that look really good, have some really big areas and run really well at pretty much locked 60 fps.

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Without repeating what's been said already (Arkham Knight seriously looks amazing, though), off the top of my head:

Until Dawn

Infamous: Second Son (and First Light)


Alien Isolation


TLoU Remastered

EDIT: Well, nobody had said them when I wrote this, anyway. :P

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Metal Gear Solid V

Uncharted 4

The Witcher III

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Bloodborne (Paarl still the best looking thing on any console)

Uncharted 4

Witcher 3

Alien Isolation

Shadow of Mordor

Honorable mention: The King of Fighters XIV

Don't really understand why MGSV is getting mentioned, awesome game but a long ways away from looking fantastic.

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Drive club

Far Cry 4 (still love the way the foliage looks in those games)

Rise of the Tomb raider

Mortal Kombat x (still great looking)

Arkham Knight

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@fredchuckdave said:

Bloodborne (Paarl still the best looking thing on any console)

I actually really like the Celestial Emissary when he/she/it goes all super saiyan mood.

As far as Ps4 exclusives that I played:

  • Bloodborne
  • Uncharted 4
  • God of War 3 re-release (still a stunning looking game)
  • P.T.

That's about it. I don't really consider multi platforms. .

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Until Dawn has some pretty amazing facial capture.

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#15 Posted by WynnDuffy (1289 posts) -

How does Hitman look on PS4? On PC I was very impressed with the textures, really, really sharp.

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How does Hitman look on PS4? On PC I was very impressed with the textures, really, really sharp.

All of the QL/premium videos of Brad playing Hitman are on the PS4.

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#17 Posted by WynnDuffy (1289 posts) -

@wynnduffy said:

How does Hitman look on PS4? On PC I was very impressed with the textures, really, really sharp.

All of the QL/premium videos of Brad playing Hitman are on the PS4.

Yeah but it's hard to judge as differences can look subtle in video but a lot bigger when you have it in front of your eyes.

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#19 Posted by MATATAT (1144 posts) -

I am playing through The Order right now and while there are some segments where the lighting seems a bit weird that game looks absurdly good most of the time.

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@fredchuckdave: I think the solid 60fps goes a long way in enhancing how it looks in the mind's eye. Same thing for me with DOOM and Overwatch, which is impressive for consoles given how hard a lot of your usual game on the PS4 even struggles to maintain 30fps.

To answer the topic:

Uncharted 4

The Order 1886

Arkham Knight

Until Dawn

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

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It may have originally been a PS3 game, but Journey just sings on the PS4.

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