You can now control your PS4 from your (ew) iPhones

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Apparently the PS4 had a recent firmware update that lets you control your PS4 from an iOS app called PS4 Remote Play. Not only can you control it, but you can also screen-mirror it to your device. weird.

But hey, in my opinion, most games with screen controls are terrible. The only thing that made my new iOS-powered Spider-Man worthwhile was the fact that I was revisiting my childhood dream of playing the full version of a console game on a random mobile device, no new hardware required. It’s also possible to use a controller with the new PS4 Remote Play app. However, you cannot use your standard PS4 Dualshock Remote. You’ll need an Apple-certified MFi controller that connects to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth, which I do not have but will now consider buying.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. If you’re interested in swinging an axe in God of War while you’re sitting at an airport, you’ll first need to make sure you update your system software to 6.50. This is the one that unlocks Remote Play for iOS. Then, download the PS4 Remote Play app from the App Store and open it up.

I can't honestly say that I'd ever really want to use this functionality. Even doing stuff like streaming from your PS4 to a Vita was a bit limited due to the lack of the extra shoulder buttons, and I can't say that I've ever even thought of the need to control my PS4 from another room than where it is.

I guess according to the article this has actually existed on Android for years, so that's...nice. Has anyone ever used this to play a game? What games actually work well with this?

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My only experience with PS4 Remote Play was playing Persona 5 on my MacBook while watching baseball games on my TV. The video quality would dip but it worked well enough for grinding in a turn based game.

This... I have no interest in this.

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I use Remote Play for capture purposes on my PC but I can't imagine when I'd use it on my iPhone.

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I have used this a few times on my Vita around the house, and a few times with my PSTV at other peoples houses to play some games, it works fine for what it does. If you are in a house with a lot of people and not enough TV's it comes in handy, but it is not as good as sitting in front of the PS4 and getting a non-compressed version if you have the option.

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As for remote play in general: I actually use it (as wall as Steam's in-home streaming) when I'm building canvases in my makeshift woodshop (aka my dining room) and I just want to kill some time while waiting for glue/gesso/primer to dry, and my Surface 3 is pretty great for that.

As for remote play on iOS specifically: If I had an iPhone, sure, but I'd buy a mount so I could use a DualShock 4. But, I still have a Vita, so...

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I'm surprised wasn't rejected for the same reason as the Steam Link app, which was the ability to navigate to the store and make purchases. I wonder if Sony are locking down the store when the console is streaming to an iOS device.

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