Dawww man no demo at all?

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So, cynicism and all I think PS All-Stars is slowly but every so surely winning me over. If he remembers my buddy at work said that he would buy this for me for christmas. So, that's awesome but here's the thing he is also leaving tonight to visit his parents for christmas etc.. which means if he does buy this for me I won't get it until the 30th or so when he gets back. So my dumb self has already worked myself up into a fervor of wanting to play this. I went on the PS Store and really no Demo at all? That seems odd man. Oh well! This prob has limited discussion value but dammit I'm bored and not a damn thing in my back log is scratching that proverbial gaming itch right now for me.

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Pretty sure there was an open beta for the game which started maybe two weeks before the launch of the game. I'm also pretty sure that you got two more weeks if you had some sort of pass or were a PSN+ member. Sorry you're late dude. :\

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I was just in BestBuy last week and they had a demo of it running on the Vita. If you really must play it you could stop see if a BB/Gamestop has a demo running. That's all I got.

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@Joeyoe31: Yeah, I knew about the beta. At the time the beta was going on though I was still actively mocking the game. It was about the time I looked at the strategy guide at work one day where I realized like... shit theres actually BnB combos , move priority and all the shit that is in a regular ass fighting game. Hmm... guess i'll just watch the Quick-look again or something. =p

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Might be one eventually, seen other games where the demo is out months after the game, but considering this game & seeing 5 minutes of gameplay you know if you want it or not. Pretty easy choice & not like some other games where you need the demo to see if the you will enjoy the game.

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Play some melee until you get it. Actually, just continue playing melee.

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Go play Smash Bros. It plays like that.

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