Did This Game Make You Want To Play Featured Character's Games?

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Sorry for the title couldn't think how else to word it but while playing All Stars i realized that this game was good advertising for other games. As i was playing through the various characters stories i was thinking how i wanted to revisit some of my old staples of the past as well as wanting to try some other characters game for the first time. Of course some of these characters have games coming out soon so they are even better place to "sell" you on their new game. On the old favourite side playing through All Stars made me want to open up my copy of Uncharted 3 as well as play through the Jak collection. And as far as introducing me to new things it really made me take a look at Revengeance as I have been sort of against MGS because i don't like stealth but since it is going to be an action game i sort of want to keep it on my radar. Oh and also I've been putting off trying Heavenly Sword for awhile but am running out of excuses not to play it. I really liked Enslaved and want to play the new DmC game by them but also want to check out the game that put them on the map.

So did anyone else have these feelings or are all of you immune to the advertising nature of a mash up game such as this?

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short answer: yes

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Not too much. Reversely, the new DmC made me want to try Dante. And even less related I really want to play as the Fire Emblem characters in Brawl after getting into the Fire Emblem series for the first time.

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Not one bit actually.

If they were to release some classic characters though and work out agreements for Crash, Spyro, Tomba, etc it would make me want to revisit those old games based on nostalgia alone, and perhaps puschase some of those classics. But to open me up to new series that I've already skipped over, it's not working.

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