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The Playstation All Stars Battle Royal beta is out for PS+ members this week and for all members next week (PS Vita users get the Beta now also). The only modes available to play is the 3 min. FFA mode and the 3 min. 2v2 mode. The only was to play the 2v2 mode is to have a friend on PSN to invite you to their party and start the game from there. While I enjoy FFA, I got a chance to play a bunch of 2v2 sessions with yesterday and is was a blast to play. So why not expand on this and maintain a fun group of people who are also planning to play this game a bunch.

How to join

Just put your PSN ID and whether or not you plan on purchasing the game when it comes out (Because I will just erase everyone on the list who isn't interested on buying the full game when it comes out).

You said something about a league?

Yes I did... that might be in the future along with tournaments. As for now, lets just have fun with the Beta together while we wait for the full version to come out.

Giant Bomb IDPSN IDPlanning to buy full game?
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#2 Posted by TJ311 (438 posts) -

This should be cool. My PSN is WR311 and I do plan on buying the full game. I'm very much enjoying the beta and playing with fellow GBers should be fun.

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#3 Posted by FLStyle (6256 posts) -

FLStyle FLStyle Yes!

I'm going to rock Raiden and Jak & Daxter in the full release,

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PSN ID = FluxWaveZ

Planning to buy full game?: Yes

Not sure how I feel about FFA yet, but 2v2 is indeed very fun. Was thinking of maybe doing a week 1 tournament with All-Stars like I did with Persona 4 Arena which turned out pretty successful. I just don't know if there'd be enough interest for one, though, so this thread will be helpful to check that out.

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#5 Posted by Tygerbite (38 posts) -

My PSN ID is BadBob716. I've enjoyed the beta so far so I'll definitely buy the full game.

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#6 Posted by Creamypies (4169 posts) -

PSN ID is KowalskiManDown. I plan on getting the full game upon release. Haven't made my mind up as to whom I'll be playing though.

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PSN ID is MaxwellMouse. I will get the beta next week as I don't have plus. I have no idea if I'm going to get the full game. Playing the beta will hopefully help me decide.

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#8 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19836 posts) -

We should use this IRC chat in the channel "#GB_PSASBR" to organize matches. It's been useful for the P4A community, anyways.

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#9 Posted by TheHT (14307 posts) -


Getting full game.

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#10 Posted by Azteris (826 posts) -

PSN: Azteris

Definitely getting full game.

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#11 Posted by Raulito (46 posts) -

raulito137 and i have the game

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#12 Posted by M_33 (531 posts) -

Seeing as how the Beta is no longer a thing, how about making this the official match-up thread?

With that said, PS3: m33td3th. Location: Canada (East). Mains: Sly and Dante/Sackboy.

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#13 Posted by ESREVER (2888 posts) -

I just won All-Stars off of Playstation's twitter contest thing, so sign me up!

PSNiD: MaceX

Location: Texas

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#14 Posted by Bloo561 (117 posts) -


PSN: Bloo561

Location: Atlantic South (Georgia)

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PSN Name: Lupus64

Southern Ontario, Canada

Send me invites with wild abandon, I'm always down for a game.

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#16 Posted by beard_of_zeus (1774 posts) -

I'd be willing to play with any of you folks, been playing this game on my Vita a lot.

PSN is same as my GB name.

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#17 Posted by bemusedchunk (886 posts) -

Picked this up last night and it has some amazing depth.

Add me! PSN is Bemusedchunk

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