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Sup fools,

As many of you have heard in the countless topics about PSN being hacked, PSN was hacked.  Developers have their opinons on it, and I won't be providing what they said (you can do that on your own).  However, there has been one voice that hasn't been heard...and that of course are the words of the hackers who started it all.  Are these "humans" the vile scumbags of Sony, just misplaced children with a bad bringing, or...they might even be fucking robots!  

Anyways, here is an older chat-log of them, back in Feb.  I'm posting this now before some idiot goes to another side and says it's more's not.  It takes place back in Feb 2011, and shows how far people made it into PSN's (lack of) security!  


Some personal favorite Quotes:

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