Hulu Plus: Can't Download Service

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Edit: I forgot that there's a search option on the PSN Store, and found Hulu Plus through there. What's cool is that when I was typing 'hulu' in the search bar, I figured out you can move the window around with the right stick, which is pretty awesome. 
Edit: Great, now not a single video will load.
I deleted Hulu Plus from my Video tab in the XMB, and can't seem to re-download it. Does anyone know how to? Hulu Plus isn't showing up anywhere in the XMB, and I can't find the option to download it from the PSN Store. 
The only reason that I deleted it was because it was freezing over and over, and I thought that a re-install of it could possibly help the situation, and probably wouldn't make it worse. Apparently I was mistaken, as it did make it worse since I have no way of launching after deletion. 

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