Is there an External website where I can view PSN game prices?

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Hi guys, the title says it all. Is there an official/unofficial website that has a list of all the games on PSN, DLC, their prices and their ratings among other factors. The site should be updated regularly as well. For example I have $10 in my account at the moment and I would like to view all the PSN games under $10 to decide what I should buy but I can't do that on the store.

At the moment I can go on steam and look at games under $5 or under $10 with ease.

Any help would be appreciated.

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The closest thing I can think of is the Media.Go app. I don't think that lets you see PS3 PSN items though.

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@ESREVER: Yeah, Media Go is mainly for PSP games and I think Vita as well.

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I would love it if PSN and XBLA had those kinds of filtering options. It's kinda sad when the Nintendo 3DS has the most in depth marketplace search function.

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They really should just update Media.Go to cover all the Sony platform's products. How hard would it be to just list the PS3/Vita info for people to see.

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I had this problem way back when I was looking into buying a PSPgo, I couldn't find any way of seeing how much Sony where doing the digital games for online so didn't buy one. Turned out for the best in the end.

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I do wish that some form of the psn store as accessible from PCs.

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Here we go:

You can browse all the games on United States Playstation Network. Just select the category on the right side of the website or click on "Game Prices" on the top menu.

Website made by myself :D

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