Lots of interesting demos came out today!

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First of all, Move demos came out today! 
I don't have the Move controllers so it doesn't really do anything for me. But for all the people who actually have bought the Move controllers, I think it is a great opportunities for you guys to get your Move on :) 
Second of all, demos that don't require the Move controllers! 
 I have been somewhat excited about it. They are putting lots of video clips and trailers for this so I'm excited. 
DJ Hero 2 
I liked the first DJ Hero and I've been playing it here and there since I heard the second one is coming out. For all the people who still have your turntable controller, the demo is out and I'm excited to try. 
DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue. 
..... Okay I actually did not enjoy the first one that much but whatever. It is what it is and I might as well try the demo to see if they have improved anything since the first one(but, quiet honestly, I bet they haven't) 
And last but not least! 
Blade Kitten! 
I actually have no idea what this game is about but the name really got me and I'm about to try.  
I'm actually very excited to all the demos today, especially Enslaved and Blade Kitten. 
You guys should check them out too :)

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Sweet, I didn't know there was an enslaved demo coming out today. I've been wanting to check that out it looks interesting.

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enslaved demo rules. it does what demos are designed to do!

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Tried the Blade Kitten Demo on Pc and it was awful... shame- studio that made it was also responsible for Game Room (Krome studios) and they had to shut their doors recently and, from what I've heard, Blade Kitten is hardly doing the numbers to bring them back from the grave, 
It seemed promising but I just hated the floaty feel of the combat and movement and the overly intricate/confusing level design.

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