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So we all paid our respects to Star Wars Galaxies today. And for those of us who watched it(Which was pretty much EVERYONE from the view count. On the plus side of 7k!) and Jeff said he got an email that totally looked like a phishing email. Well, a couple people responded and said they got it too. Even I did. But I checked it out and it's not harmful or anything. It's just a conspicuously named email sent from Sony. I got one of these a looong ass time ago too. I was all "What! HAXORS!" then too, but it's just an email.
The links take you straight to the official website. And since that's not good enough, I went back and looked at a bunch of other emails and I got them all through that exact same address. The "The Last Of Us" announcement and so on and so forth. Not only that, but when you hover above the hyperlinks, it gives you some weird shit in the address bar with PSU numbers and things like that, which makes it seem even more than a phishing email. But I just got done looking at 10+ past emails and they all do the same thing.
Not only that, but I added the email address to my contact list a couple years ago, and can confirm that it is the exact same one.
So there's no need to worry about anything. It's all good.

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