PlayStation Store new look: Thoughts?

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Looks better and seems faster moving between screens, but it still takes way to many steps to download a demo. Some more than others, for some reason.

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The interface is a little big for an SDTV, but the filters, category's and interface all make sense, and i cant really tell how fast it is because my internet has been acting up. Im indifferent because its not really better or worse then the old store.

They still need to add a "Shit you own" section for the XMB and the store so i don't have to look through a big list of things i have downloaded to find the things i have purchased. I would like the games i own on PSN to show up under the game section on my XMB, either in a "Already purchased" tab, or for them to just show up like any normal game i have saved on my hard drive, even if they are not downloaded, so i can just browse my library. And when i hit triangle on a disc based game a section for DLC should show up so i don't have to hunt for a pre-order bonus or online pass i may have deleted. Same should apply for video, music etc.

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I like it but they removed one major function I use all the time. When I bought stuff in the past it would allow me to purchase something but didn't require me to download it right away. This was helpful when I saw stuff on sale and wanted it, but didn't want to clog my hard drive. They removed the "downloads" list so now I have no way to keep track of what I bought. This is especially unhelpful with the PS Plus free games. I used to just "buy" them and download if I wanted to play it but that option is no longer available. I have to download it right away. Not the end of the world but it would have been better if they added a sortable download history. What can I expect when it took Sony 6 years after launch to add basic filtering for search.

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It seems like there are things about it that are improved, especially search, but that said:

  • The design of it is quite different than the design of the rest of the system. The old store wasn't perfect in this regard, but I think it was better.
  • I hate that it takes a good 3-4x longer to load up, as it seems to be a separate "app" now. It was seemingly part of the XMB before, so you could zip in and out of it quickly. Now, it sits on a blocking loading screen for way too long.
  • It feels like there's an input delay that wasn't present before, and you'll see weird stutters and jumps sometimes (see opening the "expiring soon" list in PS+, which is one of the main things I do in the store).
  • The way it zooms in when you open a section is bizarre, as it causes you to be able to see less of a list than when you were previewing it.

Maybe I'll get used to it, but right now, I see it as a very mixed bag.

@djou: That list still exists -- I think it's at the bottom of the top-level menu.

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I still can't figure out how to go to the right part of the screen. Sometimes pressing right works sometimes it goes into a menu..

Other than that I think it looks way better and feels easier to navigate. The PS Plus section was a pain to navigate before when the Instant Game Collection stuff happened.

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It looks nice, but I'd rather have a faster store page.

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It's too large for my tv, I sometimes get problems in games where I miss a bit of the side UI, but now I can't even read the menu, and that is a bummer.

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i like the design but it's a little over simplified and i find myself using the filter feature a lot.

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Wait, they made it even slower!? It was already slow as fuck for me, practically unbearable.

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Its too damn slow. That app takes 5 minutes to boot up. But once inside its nice, I like the design and flow. But damn does it take a while to start up.

Also my download speeds seem to have doubled since the new store went up.

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#12 Posted by tyxja (312 posts) -

I think it's a step in the right direction.

A definite improvement and still more of a joy to use than the XBLA marketplace.

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#13 Posted by Kerned (1185 posts) -

In theory, I really like how it looks and functions. In practice, I have some big complaints.

First of all, it takes forever to start up. If you are trying to get me to spend some money, you should minimize the time I spend waiting around for the opportunity to do so. Secondly, there is a huge amount of wasted screen real estate, and a general feeling of clumsiness For example, sometimes when you are browsing the drop-down style menus on the left, you see a nice grid of games (or whatever else) on the right. But then, when you move over to browse that grid, your view is limited to only two rows of games. Really? Do I really need a huge banner taking up a third of my screen that says "PlayStation Plus Free Games"? I know that's what I'm looking at, I just clicked on it. Show me the fucking games so I can give you some money.

Oh well, it's Sony. What can you do? They do certain things (like hardware) really well, and other things (like interface design) spectacularly poorly.

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#14 Posted by Wemibelle (2415 posts) -

@wemibelec90 said:

Wait, they made it even slower!? It was already slow as fuck for me, practically unbearable.

I revoke my earlier statement, after trying it. It does take a very long time to load in but it loads SO MUCH FASTER when it is actually in the store. I like how it looks too although I bet it doesn't work well on the smaller handheld store interfaces.

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#15 Posted by flashx_454 (60 posts) -

the new Look is nice BUT YOU CANT open the XMB whilst in the store NOW so you cant respond to messages and such.

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I only messed with it for a few minutes but I noticed it doesn't seem to group similar games with many DLC anymore in the new releases section. Before I'd go New Releases -> Add-On and there would be a few games there but all the Tokyo Jungle/Rock Band/DoA5/ThatNISgame all went a level deeper and didn't clutter up the store because of that. Now the PSN Store seems like the Xbox Marketplace where games with many DLC releases flood the first few pages making it harder for me to find what I am looking for.
Since that is how I always used the PSN store before, I'm not a huge fan of this new one. Seems awful.

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Loads slower at startup and is sluggish. Know what you're looking for before you go in and bypass shuffling through menus by using the search function at the top. Even then, I'm not a fan of the "keyboard" you have to use to input letters. A QWERTY keyboard would have been fine, but I guess it just isn't for Sony.

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I love the search when you input just one letter and it displays everything associated, then add another and it continues, and so on. That's pretty awesome.

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#19 Posted by JasonR86 (10180 posts) -


It feels clunkier then it was before. It takes me more button presses to get to where I want to go.

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#20 Posted by VisariLoyalist (3134 posts) -

I haven't even turned on my ps3 in like a month too involved with my pc now

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It looks really nice. Kinda slow, but I do like it.

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From my first impressions of it I like it. Looks a lot better then the old one.

The only thing I don't like about it is that it is kinda sluggish and stutters a lot. A nice reminder of how old these machines are nowadays every time I boot up the store.

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#23 Posted by spiceninja (3278 posts) -

I like the way it looks but it's still pretty buggy. I bought Okami HD but it kept saying an error occured and that I didn't have any money in my wallet. Eventually it went through.

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#24 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -

Aesthetically, it's very nice. Very easy on the eyes compared to that bright sky blue shit they had before
But for fucks sakes is it slow. I mean jesus effin christ. 
Thats my only real complaint

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So I turn my PS3 on for the first time in Months and after I play everyone's favorite game (system update) I decide to see whats up with the store. And apparently its now an app now and holy shit... I didn't think things could get worse than the Xbox Dashboard but that store is worse than the Xbox dashboard.

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@Demoskinos: It really is. I used to use the PSN to tell me what DLC was out for both systems if a game was multiplatform because it was so easy to use. Now I don't. I barely even go into the store anymore because it is such a mess and finding what I want is a hassle. Kinda surprised at how the poll turned out to be honest.

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Slowslowslow. Mang! it might be a (minimally) nicer interface than the old one, but it takes me forever to do anything. That might have something to do with me using the American PSN from Korea.

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Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but maybe it was designed for the new Playstation? Seems a bit slow, and I think adds a step or two to actually getting content? Maybe I'm wrong, but it feels that way.

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It definitely looks nicer, but it's way too slow and the menus are confusing and not intuitive at all. The same menu options are repeated in multiple sections, and the categorization of the menu options doesn't seem to follow any logic.

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It looks worse, takes ages to load, dlc is listed alphabetically by the name of the dlc instead of the name of the game, the search function is laughable. I shouldn't have to search in the first place but if I do, why do I need to scroll through vertical letters like I'm writing my high score initials when the PS3 has that virtual keyboard thing. Oh and downloading a free demo shouldn't involve pressing x six times with loading in between each one. So yeah, pretty much worse in every way really.

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It's harder to navigate and way slower.

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