PS Vita Trophies on PSN

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I was messing around looking at the on my PS3 when I realized that the Vita trophies don't show up on the PSN on PS3, but both my Vita and PS3 trophies show up on the PSN on the Vita. Am I missing something or do they just not show up on the PS3? Are there plans to do so. Its not a big deal, but seems like it would sync all the same

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They simply do not show up on the PS3 in the trophy collection. Would have thought they could have integrated them better than this but ah well- some day.

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yeah me too. Its really weird and just plan dumb. Something that could be fixed easily along with you know a party chat on psn....

Its sad that if my friends and I want to play Uncharted multi or something on PS3, we have to go through XBL-party chat...join the 2000's Sony

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So I'm guessing this is still an issue? How have they not fixed it? I want people to know that I'm playing P4G in 6 weeks

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@Nightriff: nope, still not fixed

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