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As I'm sure you've noticed, there's tax on PSN. And I'm sure many people have changed their address to California or something to make their games tax free. But have their been any repercussions fro you guys? Have you been had or anything? I changed mine when I got PS+, but now I'm debating whether or not to put in my real address. I don't have credit card information or anything on there, but I didn't have enough money in my account to pay for it, and I think July is the last month to get the free three months (though I haven't checked if I got them yet). I'm fearing a ban or something of the sort. What if they realize that street (probably) doesn't exist in that zip code? Then again, I'm already lying about my age, since I got PSN when I was 17.
Also, the fact that Wipeout HD is no longer free bums me out.

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I'm pretty sure Cali has sales tax, right? 
I live in Oregon however, and we certainly do not. We also have people pump our gas for us. It's glorious. 
*Edit: Just looked it up and California actually has the highest sales tax in the country. So choosing that state would be the opposite of what you'd want to do.

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Certain parts are tax free...I think. I just know other people have done it with Cali specifically, and when I put it in there was no tax.
And yeah, fools pump my gas here in New Jersey too.

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Huh. Interesting idea. Does it work?

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Yeah, I didn't pay any tax. But I'm nervous.
Though I'm a generally paranoid person.

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I thought it was a rule or something that purely digital content wasn't taxed? My ignorance I suppose. I live in California and haven't been taxed for anything on Steam, or for points I got on XBL. We do have an ass load of regular sales tax though, and CRV.

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In Chicago we get taxed on PSN but not on XBLA MS points

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New Hampshire does not have a sales tax.
@JJWeatherman said:

" I live in Oregon "
Word, Oregon! I love Oregon and Washington.
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Texas has an ass load of tax

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Before you complain about sales tax be glad your not in NY tax up the ass. Stupid NYC

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In CA,we get taxed for everything :'(

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Hey, you guys cant complain tell you live in the Province of Quebec. Untell 2 years ago we had to to pay 15% tax! now its a more reasonable 12.5% 
free healthcare isn't cheap I know. However Alberta pays 5%.............stupid oil! 

ProvinceTypeProv. rate (%)Combined fed./prov. rate (%)Notes
AlbertaGST05Alberta has no provincial sales tax. There is a 4% tax on lodging.
British ColumbiaHST712See also: Sales taxes in British Columbia
ManitobaGST + PST712
New BrunswickHST813
Newfoundland and LabradorHST813
Nova ScotiaHST1015
Prince Edward IslandGST + PST10.5 eff.
10 nom.
15.5 eff.
15 nominal 
Provincial rate is nominally 10%, but is also applied to federal 5% GST. Effective provincial rate is 10.5%.
QuebecGST + QST7.512.875 eff.
12.5 nom.
Provincial rate is nominally 7.5%, but is also applied to federal 5% GST. Effective provincial rate is 7.875%.

Rate will increase to 8.5% on January 1, 2011, and to 9.5% on January 1, 2012

SaskatchewanGST + PST10Reduced from 7% on 28 October 2006.
There is a separate 10% liquor consumption tax. The non-alcoholic portion of a restaurant meal is not taxed.
Canada portal


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