Strange PS3 Connection problems

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First of all, my PS3 hardly has any lag at all, but that is when it's working fine.  Every once in a while in fighting games like SSFIV and MvC3, I'll be disconnected from the match within maybe 15 seconds.  However, I've played tons of matches (i.e. about 80% of the time) with no problems at all.  In Black Ops, very rarely I get the connection interrupted message with the picture of the ethernet cable and all that, but that's rare, passes shortly, and besides that, no noticeable lag at all.
I recently bought Dead Space 2 and have been trying to play it online, where I'll be able to play a match for only about 1 minute, but I lose connection EVERY time with this game, so the problem is better or worse depending on the game.
I've had suggestions of checking for packet loss, which I did, and there is 0%.
My PS3 is connected wirelessly, and connecting directly to the router is basically NOT an option.
These connection problems started happening when I took my PS3 to a friend's house a month or so ago, changed the settings to work with his router (worked perfectly on automatic or "easy" setup), but when I got back to my house I couldn't remember exactly what manual settings I had.  I had written them down but lost the paper.
I've set up a static IP, port forwarding, I do have a DMZ (I know some people advise against that but it helped a hell of a lot), and no UPnP (it was suggested but the PS3 didn't connect when I turned it on).
My router is like a Linksys E2000 or whatever, good router, it's just that I've kinda had to do a lot of tweaking to get the PS3 to have a decent connection.  All wirelessly connected computers in the house run perfectly fine.  I've ruled out the possibility of it being a problem with my ISP.  But it's Comcast if that info helps at all.

I have NO trouble streaming Netflix movies, these problems only arise when playing games online.
Also, I think I changed one router setting before just to see if it would work even though no one else suggested it because nothing else seemed to work.  I changed it to Channel 6 (it was auto I believe before).
I also think I changed the MTU to 1500 instead of default 1365.
But whatever the settings are, they are manually entered exactly the same way on my PS3.  I haven't been screwing around with the router settings because I could deal with these problems, but I'd prefer to be able to play at least one match of Dead Space 2, and if I'm unable to play it online then there's certainly the possibility of this happening with other games later on.
My NAT type is open according to Black Ops (PS3 menu says it's type 2 or whatever the good one is).
I apologize for not providing my exact router settings right now just because I'm about to pass out and the router is in the basement.  All this is I'm sure accurate enough though.
If anyone has any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it.  This is a community of smart duders.  Thanks.

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People will probably disagree with me and you'll either believe me or you won't, but it's EA. Any game published or created by EA, I cannot play online. 
I have Dead Space 2, Bad Company 2 and FIFA 11 at the moment and all of which I'm currently playing. The one thing they have in common is EA. Any other online games I own are created or published by a different company. Now, guess which three games run the worst? FIFA11 wouldn't let me connect and then when I did, disconnected me every other game. Bad Company 2 was unplayable and don't get me started on DS2. Wierdly though, they all worked before Christmas. It's only after Christmas that I noticed this. You may have solved this already, but here's what I did: 
I did everything you did. Ports, DMZ, UPnP, resetting and turning back on, resetting router, everything. Then, I connected it with a wired connection; not to my router, but to my laptop. My laptop has 76% connection strength compared to 59% on my PS3. Now when I play online games, it's completely lag free. 
Who's your ISP? 
Do you have a nearby computer with wireless?  
If no, then how good is your signal to your PS3? (if lower than, say, 70, you need to buy something which increases your connection. 
Any other games you have problems with? 
How many times is your disconnections to the network involve "EA servers not being available"? 

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Port Forwarding, DMZ, and UnPnP are all separate ways of doing the same thing. In the past, I've found better performance by choosing only one of those options, typically port forwarding - even though it is a bitch to set-up and maintain. 

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