The new Playstation Store is out; 26MB update

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Did a quick browse and my main takeaway's more cumbersome. More scrolling involved to see any one thing, Full Game Trials you've already completed are no longer missing from the menu (they say unavailable, bust still, I liked just not having them around).

It's more to look at I suppose, more graphics, and things...and they do say it's the "store with more" in the introductory hype video. But mostly it's more at the expense of sensible. I won't care in a few days but right now, man, overboard.

It's also more of a wait. Hit the icon and wait to get even comes with its own loading screen now.

I like that they link you to a demo of the game from the full game purchase menu if a demo is available. Finally going to give Bioshock a taste to see if I can get over my general distaste for FPS enough to drop $20 on "one of the best games of this generation". Nice touch Sony.

Also, seems like they're using menu sounds straight out of Gran Turismo 3.

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Yeah, actually, cumbersome sounds about right. The single game page showing all the content available is good, the sorting and filtering options areeeee... better than they were, but still need more options; price filtering increments stop at $20 on the Australian store, which leaves at least $90 of difference between a $20 item and the highest-priced item, making it quite useless. I still don't think I can sort or filter by publisher. The predictive search is good, but I cannot stand the vertical scroll letter input. Lord knows they've got enough room on the side for a virtual keypad or something.

PS+ section was taking up a good third of the screen advertising itself, which was beyond unnecessary and obstructive to my browsing. I feel like the design is a poor use of screen real estate. I find some of the category carousels utterly laughable in how irrelevant they are to the category you're actually trying to view. About a week ago, I went to Latest PS3 Add-ons for the most recent Tokyo Jungle DLC and one of the larger images was for Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. In the latest section. I wasn't particularly fond of the re-design prior to that, but that was the thing that made me stop and say "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Maybe it's because I'm daring to defy Sony's living room multimedia box idea and I'm actually not 3 metres away from the TV my PS3 is connected to, but urgghhh. I mean, I'm sure I'll eventually get used to it and I'm no UI designer, but having to get used to something while feeling so bad when using it is a failed UI, as far as I'm concerned.

The previous store had issues, for sure. The search was useless, things could be hidden deep in some category you'd never find (which I'm not entirely convinced isn't still the case), but it was pleasant enough to just browse and find things I hadn't heard of, that I'd never think to look for. Now I'm mentally groaning at even the thought of opening the store. I just don't want to deal with it and the idea of dealing with it is mentally exhausting for me.

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I like the look way better.

I like the sluggishness way less.

It's very Xbox Dashboard-y.

These are my thoughts.

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It takes too long to load and the menu animations have a little stutter. It feels like an unoptimised third party app. Scrolling through a grid of objects is unpleasant since the thumbnails are so huge and only the bottom half of the screen is used, resulting in six giant thumbnails at a time with cut off titles. I definitely prefer the previous list based approach. Also: still no download history categorisation.

It does look slick though.

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