This just happened and it completely pissed me off (NERD RAGE!)

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I am one of the few PS+ member out there. Today, after not logging in for about a week, I decided to check out the new specials PSN has for it's PS+ subscribers. This first thing that pops up the next screen loads is an ad for "EA Sale!" complete with some characters from games I would figure would be included in the promotion. They were: the main guy in Dragon Age 2, Dante from Dante's Inferno, Spacey dude from Dead Space (can't bothered to find out his name, NERD RAGE!), the stick figure kid with the orange pants, and a car from a racing game. "Oh, look!" I said to myself. "Maybe this is your chance to finally get Dragon Age 2 at a good price so you wont be able to bitch about it later on if ya hate the game, like a lot of other people have. You can hardly pass this up self! GET THAT SHIT!" So I hit X with all intents and purposes of buying DA2. But lo and behold,I cannot see Dragon Age 2 on the list. There is Dragon Age Origins, but not Dragon Age 2. "Sure this must be a mistake. The dude from the game was the center billing for the ad. Maybe it is one of the 2 games out of 22 you cannot see without scrolling down." So, being the dumbass optimist that I am, I scroll down to look. Nothing. Just some add-ons for Tiger Woods... The inner monologue that followed was not pleasant, I'll leave it at that.

Skip ahead to now and I am typing this still mad, but not sure to to aim my hatred at. Should I be mad at EA for not including it or for Sony for false advertisement? I'm not sure. The one thing I do know is that this is probably a very stupid thing to get mad at. Oh well, fuck it. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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Isaac Clarke 
Are any of the DLC on sale? Then its not false advertisement 

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Thank ya, sir. And no, the only Dragon Age item for sale is the Dragon Age: Origins ultimate bundle.

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it is dumb that they used DA2 when the mean DAO but it's just something you go "Oh, oh well" about.
I think writing a giant wall of text about how mad you are is a bit much.

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They probably just used the same image across all the different stores. I'm in the UK shop and there's a Dragon Age II DLC pack but no Origins deal.

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Legacy for Dragon Age II is on sale. At least in the NA store.

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@kingzetta: Probably, but I started havin fun writing it so I decided not to stop

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The Legacy DLC is on sale this week, that's why you're seeing it.

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@benjaebe@Zealousadonis Oh would you look at that. I fucked up. My apologies.

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