30-Day trial PSN+ on existing PSN+ account

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Recently I bought Soul Sacrifice(physical copy) for the Vita and got a 30-day trial code with the game. My question is: Will this code add an extra month on top of my current PSN+ subscription?

I already have auto-renewal on, so I'm wondering if it will just postpone the next payment a month ahead. I'd hate to waste a code over nothing.

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I don't think it will add a month on. You might have to turn renewal off and wait till the year sub ends and then use it. Seems like a lot of trouble for just 30 days, might as well give it to a friend or something.

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I received three 1 month PS+ codes with my Vita, I already had PS+ and when I tried to apply them to my account it gave me an error message saying they were not valid, never looked into it past that, but if you try to use your code, it won't get wasted, it'll either give you another month or give you the same error I had.

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Yeah. I got a 'Not Valid Code' message. Thanks, guys.

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