Amazon UK launches digital PlayStation store [Beta]

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The UK arm of Amazon is now selling PSN games.

It follows a move from the US, which launched a PlayStation digital store last month.

Gamers can buy any PS3, PS Vita or PS4 game from Amazon and receive a code for use over the PlayStation Network.

Fans can also top up PlayStation store credit or buy PS Plus membership.

The offer is in Beta right now, and also includes Season Passes and DLC.

Sony has been active in encouraging retailers to sell digital games. GAME and independent UK retailers already sell individual PSN titles via their various outlets.


For someone who is still wary of putting credit card information on a games console i think this is a fantastic alternative to get PSN games or topping up your PSN wallet.

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Thanks for the heads up dude. I'll keep an eye on this to see if any good offers come along.

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This is a trend I can get with, do this for all region please.

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Digital market competition is going to be a good thing. Sony charge around £14 more for the digital version of a game vs Amazon and the high street.

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