Have PSN Download Speeds Improved for You?

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Poll: Have PSN Download Speeds Improved for You? (52 votes)

Yes. Better than before. Still below average download speeds though. 23%
Yes. Much better than before. It downloads as fast as anything does on my connection. 40%
No. It's as bad as it always was. 13%
No. Believe it or not - it's gotten worse for me. 4%
I'm not using PSN. Show results. 19%

Currently downloading Battlefield 4, which will unlock for us Europeans at midnight tonight. It's a 12 GB download and it'll be downloaded in 30 minutes - pretty much capping out my bandwidth. In recent years and months, PSN download speeds have vastly improved for me - they're finally as fast as I expect them to be. On a sidenote, I am a PS+ subscriber - don't know if that makes a difference or not.

Anyways - have PSN download speeds improved for you as well?

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#1 Edited by Nodima (2636 posts) -

Yes, over the past year I've noticed steady improvements. I recently re-downloaded Arkham City to mess around in the challenge rooms after getting the itch from the Arkham Origins Quick Look and the download was done in about 2 hours. The Last of Us did not take very long either, at least for a file of that size. Maybe two and a half hours/three-some hours, which doesn't bother me as much as it would some. Seems reasonable for the file size.

edit: I'm on a 20mb down connection with a speed boost up to 25 for large files, by the way. But I usually get speed tests in the 15-18 range.

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#2 Edited by Nekroskop (2830 posts) -

O -I've never had any problems with PSN download speeds.

It doesn't run at my full connection speed though.(12.5MB/s)

I think PSN download speeds is capped around 5MB/s.

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#3 Posted by subject2change (2971 posts) -

I've never had huge issues. Previously was on a 100/35 connection and now am on a 50/5 connection (Time Warner will be boosting it soon to 100/5 though.

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#4 Posted by Deranged (2022 posts) -

Hell no, my internet is terrible but at least on XBL, the downloads are a fraction the size. I'm not bashing PSN as Plus has BEYOND amazing sales but christ, I wish I had better internet :(

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#5 Posted by ikilledthedj (450 posts) -

Never had issues really but only in the past 12 months have i started downloading anything in the gigs so its been hard to tell until now.

Last of us did take about 9 hours but just to get to the point you can start playing

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#6 Posted by Spoonman671 (5874 posts) -

Mine was never actually slow.

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#7 Posted by pr1mus (4158 posts) -

It's always been fast over here.

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#8 Posted by churrific (499 posts) -

Yeah it's always been fast for me as well.

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#9 Posted by emfromthesea (2262 posts) -

It's been faster for the past 6 months or so, but that's when we changed to a better router. I can't really tell if anything is on PSN's part.

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#10 Posted by awesomeusername (4645 posts) -

Yeah. I remember when the Instant Game Collection got announced and I put Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One to download. It took a very long time and it's 14 GB. I downloaded Kingdoms of Amalur which is 13.4 GB a couple days ago and it took a fraction of the time compared to R&C which was June 2012.

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#11 Posted by Barrock (4154 posts) -

I did the Proxy trick and my speeds are great. I downloaded like 7 full Vita games the other night quite quickly.

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#12 Posted by riostarwind (1363 posts) -

Sure after the first year or so the speed on PSN improved quite a bit. It's much closer to what my speed should be than when it first started.


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