PSN down/issues?

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I can't play any online games on PSN. Dragon's Crown will connect but when it comes to connecting to other people it gives me so many different error codes, sometimes about the servers, sometimes about my connection. Last week I was playing the game just fine. I'm in Germany - do you think this might have something to do with the PS4 launch? Just that I can't really find this issue being rampant on other boards, not even on the Playstation forums.

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#2 Posted by Opus (159 posts) -

Seems to be running just fine, maybe your isp is being a jerk to you this morning?

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#3 Posted by mosespippy (4751 posts) -

The only issue I know about right now is them turning off code redemption in the store. I've been playing Soul Sacrifice all week and been hitting the daily leaderboards in Spelunky with no problems.

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@jayjonesjunior: What worries me about that is that they said online gaming "should" be working just fine. That's the only issue I'm having.

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#6 Posted by HatKing (7453 posts) -

Wouldn't surprise me if it's still a little hiccuppy from the launch. I'd keep trying, see if any of that changes.

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