PSN Flash Sale (7/11-7/14?) - Games $0.99

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#51 Posted by MetalBaofu (1705 posts) -

I grabbed Toejam and Earl, Papo & Yo, and Worms. I might grab Legend of Dragoon just because it's a buck. Don't know if I will ever play it(already have before), or not.

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#52 Posted by LordAndrew (14608 posts) -

I bought Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, The Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms and Wild Arms 2. I have a dollar left in my PSN account. Any other recommendations? Does Dino Crisis hold up?

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#53 Posted by Vanick (333 posts) -

I never played the Dino Crisis games so I'll give them a shot for a dollar.

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#54 Posted by topsteer (742 posts) -

@rabidlamb: Man the Wild Arms series has some amazing music. The series is desperately underrated, especially the soundtracks.

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#55 Posted by ShaggE (9302 posts) -

Nice, grabbed Twisted Metal Black.

I've only had my PS3 for two months and I've already got an obscene backlog.

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#56 Posted by MightyDuck (2046 posts) -

Picked up Dino Crisis. Somehow never got around to playing it as a kid. I'm curious to see how it is.

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#57 Posted by MightyDuck (2046 posts) -

@belegorm: Legend of Dragoon is one of my favorites, highly recommend it.

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#58 Posted by Slag (8159 posts) -

Crud I forgot to pick up the Wild Arms games yesterday. Oh well.

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#59 Posted by Doerr007 (68 posts) -

Picked up Dino Crisis 1&2, Wild Arms 1&2 and Harvest Moon.

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#60 Posted by Nodima (2636 posts) -

As usual with these things, I threw a bunch of stuff in my cart, procrastinated for no good reason at all and forgot to ever buy them. I wanted like 10 of these things!

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#61 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2980 posts) -

I ended up buying Wild ARMs and have been really enjoying it so far.

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