PSN Flash Sale Oct 16-19th!

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#1 Posted by Demoskinos (17461 posts) -

Theme this time is "survival" all deals are live right now. Tempted to get Metro but... have no idea when I'd ever actually play it.

TitlePlatformSale PriceOriginal Price
Badland: Game Of The Year EditionPS4$4.80$11.99
Don’t Starve: Console EditionPS4$4.50$14.99
Everybody’s Gone To The RapturePS4$8.00$19.99
Lone Survivor: The Director’s CutPS4$2.00$9.99
Lords Of The FallenPS4$21.00$59.99
Metro ReduxPS4$12.50$49.99
Race The SunPS4$3.50$9.99
Saints Row Gat Out Of HellPS4$8.00$19.99
Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate EditionPS4$16.00$39.99
Titan Attacks!PS4$2.40$11.99
White NightPS4$4.95$14.99
Alien RagePS3$3.00$14.99
Badland: Game Of The Year EditionPS3$4.80$11.99
Battle Princess Of ArcadiasPS3$9.00$29.99
Bioshock 2PS3$3.00$19.99
Bioshock InfinitePS3$8.00$39.99
Darksiders + Darksiders II Ultimate EditionPS3$14.00$69.99
Darksiders IIPS3$6.00$39.99
Darksiders II Ultimate EditionPS3$12.00$59.99
Don’t Starve: Giant EditionPS3$4.50$14.99
I Am AlivePS3$3.00$14.99
Lone Survivor: The Director’s CutPS3$2.00$9.99
Motorstorm ApocalypsePS3$2.25$14.99
Narco TerrorPS3$2.00$9.99
Race The SunPS3$3.50$9.99
Saints Row Gat Out Of HellPS3$8.00$19.99
Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate EditionPS3$12.00$29.99
The Bureau: Xcom DeclassifiedPS3$4.00$19.99
The Last GuyPS3$1.50$9.99
The Walking Dead Survival InistinctPS3$14.50$49.99
Tokyo JunglePS3$2.25$14.99
Xcom: Enemy UnknownPS3$8.00$39.99
Badland: Game Of The Year EditionPS Vita$4.80$11.99
Don’t Starve: Giant EditionPS Vita$4.50$14.99
Htolniq: The Firefly DiaryPS Vita$5.25$14.99
LimboPS Vita$4.00$9.99
Lone Survivor: The Director’s CutPS Vita$2.00$9.99
MachinariumPS Vita$1.75$6.99
ProteusPS Vita$2.80$13.99
Race The SunPS Vita$3.50$9.99
Valhalla Knights 3PS Vita$8.00$19.99
Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last RewardPS Vita$10.00$24.99
Black Rock Shooter The GamePSP$4.00$19.99
Generation Of Chaos 3PSP$4.00$19.99
Half-minute HeroPSP$4.00$9.99
Lunar: Silver Star HarmonyPSP$6.00$14.99
YS: SevenPSP$6.00$14.99
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#2 Posted by MezZa (3058 posts) -

Dang, if dying light were on here I might have picked it up. Oh well, hopefully steam does something for it around halloween.

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#3 Posted by NinjaPartTime (79 posts) -

@mentaldisruption Dying Light isn't on here because it's already on the weekly deal for $34.99 / $48.99 (Ultimate Edition)

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#4 Posted by MezZa (3058 posts) -
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#5 Posted by NinjaPartTime (79 posts) -

@mentaldisruption No problem!

Also, anyone with a Vita or PSP who hasn't played Z.H.P. should check it out. It plays like Shiren the Wanderer, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja, etc. It's from NIS and has a funny and crazy story. Great game.

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#6 Posted by L1GHTN1N (1996 posts) -

@ninjaparttime: Had my eye on it for years but never grabbed it, perfect timing as well since I'm just about finished with P4:DAN and need another portable game. Hopefully it holds up!

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#7 Posted by Hunkulese (4225 posts) -

Really would be nice to be able to Tokyo Jungle on the Vita.

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#8 Posted by BradBrains (2274 posts) -

sony has been really good with sales. once or twice a week they put things on sale.

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#9 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10824 posts) -

Is the bureau worth 4 bucks?

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#10 Posted by Slag (8164 posts) -

sony has been really good with sales. once or twice a week they put things on sale.

Yeah they've actually started getting some of my business back from Steam. Nice to see at least one of the console companies get the appeal of their competitors.

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