Spotify for Playstation Is Here, And It Is Awesome

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Title says it all. They released it early this morning, and it works exactly how you think it should. Doesn't require ps plus, the free version works the same as it does on computer and tablets, you can play music while playing a game (which turns of the music in game, but keeps dialogue/other SFX on), and you can control it from another device. I don't think people are going to care about audio cds on ps4 now. It's also on ps3, not sure if it works the same there.

Edit: Just tried it on ps3. Its laggy as shit and you cant use it when playing a game. So it's kind of pointless on that platform.

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This version of spotify is pretty much perfect. To test it's chops I loaded up YouTube with music playing.... Success still have music, play a video and the music fades and pauses automatically, that's nice! Then I finish the video and the music fades in and resumes where I left off with no further input from myself. It's an incredibly well thought out app

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That's awesome to hear! Unfortunately my PS4 can barely pull my Wifi signal (although my PS3 does just fine), and a physical connection is out of the question here, so I'll have to wait until I find a solution. But when I do, I'm super excited for Spotify. I've been wanting Spotify on consoles ever since hit 360.

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This update is awesome. I can't believe how perfect it works. There's no lag at all, even if I use my phone for streaming. Other people can play games on their PS profile too while still logged into my Spotify account, which is pretty nice.

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Pretty keen to check this out for MP games. Will be nice to listen to my own tunes of choice.

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Awesome! Music unlimited half the time failed to load, it didn't have a lot of niche bands that I like and I had to pay £10 for it. Spotify seems pretty good from the five minutes I've played with it. And yeah no lag.

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I was VERY surprised when I put music on and then started up Bloodborne only to hear the music keep playing without a hitch. Considering Sony's spotty track record for updates I'm really impressed with how well this actually works.

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I was wondering who on earth would use a PS4 to play music but the ability to stream it in the background during gameplay is a nice feature.

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It really is. I can definitely see myself using it extensively while playing Bloodborne. Especially since I think I like Babymetal now...

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Well, I just did a quick check on Spotify and they don't have the Mortal Kombat (the movie) soundtrack so my dream of playing that over MKX is dashed. Really wish I could just use MP3s. This is cool in concept but I don't think there's enough stuff on Spotify that I want to play with video games/I don't want to pay to not have ads when I already have payed for a ton of the music.

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Took it for a spin last night. Was really easy to navigate using my phone as a remote. Will definitely be using.

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