The benefits of the digital future can swing hard the other way.

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Though what I'm about to bitch about has actually been mirrored by physical releases in the past and present.

Buying games digitally is a wonderful thing or at least it usually is. Sometimes though it goes wrong. When a popular game is released digitally you get the best possible outcome: Preloading and a midnight release. When a game not as anticipated is released you're stuck waiting deep into tuesday for the store to update. There isn't even a set time for the PS store update, it just happens when it happens +/-6 hours.

Ugh I just wanted to play a couple hours of EDF 4.1 before work today but thats not happening now. [/bitching]

At least EDF 2 on Vita is live now so I'll be playing that on my lunch break tonight!

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One of the best things about growing older is that I really have no desire to play things right when they release anymore; I'd rather just get some sleep rather than staying up until midnight or 3 AM for something to unlock. There are exceptions, sure, but for the most part it's best to avoid the usual server hiccups associated with a highly-anticipated launches like Rocket League and etc. anyway in my experience.

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That's a quite specific problem! The exact hour of release not aligning! But I agree that set time would be nice at least.

@rorie I remember staying up reeeeeal late into the early hours of the morning for the 'Meet the Pyro' update on Team Fortress 2. It got to about 4am and the thing finally launches and was so busy it was basically unplayable at the time. After I got burned on that I kinda realised that I would have been better to wait a few days for the severs to calm down. Being part of the Zeitgeist (especially for something as minor as a TF2 update!) is not worth losing sleep over.

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