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#1  Edited By onan

Kind of a downer.

I own a lot of PS3 digital games, and none of them are available. I actually started purchasing more after I heard a rumor that we'd be able to stream them on PS4. Not so.

Looks like everything is a rental. There are no purchases. Depending on popularily of a game, you can spend

$3-8 on a 4 hour rental

$6-12 on a 7 day rental

$8-23 on a 30 day rental

$15-50 on a 90 day rental

(There are tiers between these, just looked at the cheapest and most expensive items. Everything is X.99, so I just rounded up to the nearest dollar.)

To make matters worse, there are no demos on the service, either for games, or to showcase the technology to people who weren't in the closed beta.

This is a HUGE misstep. Hopefully they reconsider their offerings and change the service accordingly like they did with PS Plus, but for the moment, they've delivered a turd. I honestly don't see there being many takers.

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#2  Edited By RonGalaxy

There's already a thread that covers this stuff well enough (though its in the ps4 section when it should be in the psnow section)

Here's the thread

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#3 FinalDasa  Moderator

Since we have the alternative thread to cover PS Now, I'll be locking this.

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