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    PlayStation Plus

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    PlayStation Plus is a premium PlayStation Network subscription service.

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    PlayStation Plus was officially unveiled at E3 2010 by Jack Trenton after months of speculation due to Kaz Hirai's announcement during the Tokyo Game Show 2009 of a possible paid service for the PlayStation Network. Launched at the same time as PS3 firmware 3.40 on June 29, 2010.

    PlayStation Plus is a paid-for subscription service provides users with improved services on the PlayStation Network.

    As of March 9, 2011, PlayStation Plus members now have the possibility to save their save files to the cloud. The cloud storage can save 1GB of save files.

    With the PlayStation 4 firmware update 3.00 cloud storage increased from 1GB per user too 10GB.

    Re-Branding and Tiers

    In the summer of 2023 PlayStation Plus was overhauled and merged together with PlayStation Now.

    PlayStation Plus Essential

    The PlayStation Plus Essential tier is the re-branding of the previous version of PlayStation Plus. This tier allows playing online multiplayer games, discounts on the PlayStation Store, and a selection of monthly claimable games that can be played while players are subscribed to the service.

    PlayStation Plus Extra

    The PlayStation Plus Extra tier includes all the benefits of Essential, but also adds a large catalog of games that can be downloaded and played as long as the player is a current subscriber. New games are added or removed from the service on a monthly basis. This tier of the service is often compared to Xbox Game Pass.

    PlayStation Plus Premium

    The Premium tier is the highest tier of PlayStation Plus. It contains all benefits of both Essential and Extra tiers but adds more features such as a catalog of classic games, cloud streaming games, and full game trials.


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