Giant Bomb: Now With Full PlayStation Network Trophy Support

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#101 Posted by Sekoku (106 posts) -

Hell yeah, now I can have MvC2 show up TWICE on my profile!
Go you guys!

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#102 Posted by Korosive (192 posts) -

Wow cool! I wonder if Sony was generous with their info, or if Giantbomb had to figure a way out.

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#103 Posted by kwyee (258 posts) -


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#104 Posted by 6n00bkilla9 (180 posts) -


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#105 Posted by radion_null (188 posts) -

you guys must've gone through hoops to get this to work. Or did Sony facilitate tracking a bit now that the trophy system is more browser friendly via the site?

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#106 Posted by hamlaser (232 posts) -

I probably have the most pathetic collection of trophies than anyone on Giant Bomb.

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#107 Posted by Legendary (168 posts) -

This soon? Damn you guys are good.....

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#108 Posted by Monkeygb21 (224 posts) -

Awesome, now I can objectively prove my gaming mediocrity

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#109 Posted by yyZiggurat (1066 posts) -

Shatter isn't on my profile.  Does this not work for downloadable games?

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#110 Posted by Brydello (949 posts) -

Very happy about this.

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#111 Posted by Crono (2762 posts) -

yay, now I can easily be reminded how little I use my PS3 for games (although I do use it quite often for Blu-Ray!)

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#112 Edited by Duckbutter (387 posts) -

 you know what Jeff said once?
he said people that only play "the games they love" for achievement points are snobs.

then he said people that throw away valuable life-minutes to play horrible dumb games for achievement points are the people that "get the point of what the achievement system is."

he totally said that i swear.
you're probably thinkin "wow if Jeff would waste his time with wack games just for achievement points, would he like rape a child for achievement points too?" the answer is yes.

this is why i dig the PSN Trophy system because it separates the men from the boys.

two PSN dudes may have the same score but if one dude has 200 Bronze trophies and the other dude has 50 Platinum trophies then you KNOW who's puttin in the REAL work and who is just some dude playin a bunch of easy retarded games.   

mad props to the Giantbomb staff that make all this trophy-achievement stuff happen on this site. all other sites suck.

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#113 Posted by Teptom (2074 posts) -

Nice!! This is really good for all the PS3 owners on here. I hope to be one of them soon.

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#114 Posted by Undeadpool (6024 posts) -

Sad but true: I am the ONLY person in my circle of friends who cares about trophies/achievements. I have no one to compare sizes to.

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#115 Posted by MeierTheRed (5394 posts) -


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#116 Posted by His_lane (48 posts) -

Finally, a lurker no more.

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#117 Posted by Artemis_D (832 posts) -

Great.  Now all I need to do is get some trophies.  If only I gave a fuck about trophies...

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#118 Posted by subtek (68 posts) -

This is great news.  Thank you.

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#119 Posted by Zamir (516 posts) -

now all you need is the wii, i assume it will involve carrier pigeons with written notes saying what you accomplish in wii games and take people's word on it, but who's gonna admit they played the price is right or family feud

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#120 Posted by DRooPZ (91 posts) -

very cool

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#121 Posted by ilduce620 (36 posts) -

Beautiful.  Thanks, boys!

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#122 Posted by ShadowSkill11 (1877 posts) -

Nice! Now I have my Steam, Achievements, and trophy's on the same site. Now they need to throw a bone to the Wii owners... oh wait....

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#123 Posted by Druminator (1808 posts) -

glad to see this now exists. awesome.

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#124 Posted by Spiritof (2331 posts) -

I realize that it's probably still a work-in-progress, but I noticed that it's only showing 745 points total for Dead Space, with a lot of the trophies showing a value of "0". I just mention this because it happens to be the game I'm playing right now and is the one freshest in my mind.

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#125 Posted by hwarang (157 posts) -

Yeeeeeeeeeeees. Thank you Giantbomb.

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#126 Posted by ravensword (4270 posts) -

cool, now the circle is complete.
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#127 Edited by Saieno (206 posts) -

Awesome! And this is why GiantBomb is the best gaming site out there. Unbiased opinions, great commentary, and support for everyone!
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#128 Posted by Tebbit (4590 posts) -


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#129 Posted by MAST (891 posts) -

Wow, i didn't expect this at all.

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#130 Posted by Satune (487 posts) -

O my god!
This is what ive been waiting for! Thanks all the technicians at Giant Bomb! Your all great!

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#131 Posted by Sekoku (106 posts) -

It works. But there are screwed up things with it (trophys not unlocked despite me knowing I have them unlocked, wrong icons for wrong trophies)...
Also it's hilarious that I'm currently 100% rare achievements when the same achievements on the 360 version are about... 60% common.

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#132 Posted by hyperslug (193 posts) -

cool :D

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#133 Posted by Branthog (5777 posts) -

This is fantastic! If only I actually had any games to play on my PS3. My collection is still 100+ XBOX360, 100+ PS2, 30+ DS, 20+ GBA, 12 Wii, 7 PS3. Yes. Seven.

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#134 Posted by Kyle (2376 posts) -

Fuck, now I'm actually gonna have to go back and finish getting the Infamous Platinum.

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#135 Posted by theMcNasty (758 posts) -

Most excellent.  :)

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#136 Posted by StaticFalconar (4918 posts) -

I don't know Jeff, while infamous works out in your little conversion, games like Deadspace falls over 200 pts away. And you must consider the fact that you assign the platinums 100 pts if the one last trophy is too hard to get, thats actually two trophie they aren't getting as opposed to the last actual one last achievement elsewhere.

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#137 Posted by Zanthox (253 posts) -

thanks guys! Your work is much loved.

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#138 Posted by Lotan (252 posts) -

SWEET! Now I can lord over people!

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#139 Posted by guiseppe (2843 posts) -

Huzzah! Now I can show off how unawesome my trophies are.

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#140 Posted by lordofultima (6582 posts) -

I still don't have 1 trophy, maybe I'll get on that one day.

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#141 Posted by gunslingerNZ (1999 posts) -
@Branthog said:
" This is fantastic! If only I actually had any games to play on my PS3. My collection is still 100+ XBOX360, 100+ PS2, 30+ DS, 20+ GBA, 12 Wii, 7 PS3. Yes. Seven. "
Jesus Christ you have 100 Xbox games?? Didn't even know there were that many good ones out. I think for most people 7 games is a pretty decent collection lol I only have around 13...
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#142 Posted by benderunit22 (1793 posts) -

Good job, Giant Bomb/Whiskey Media wizards.

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#143 Posted by WitchHunter_Z (894 posts) -

Awesome, account linked.
But damnit, now this means I have to go and finish Score Attack on Blazblue so I can get that S Rank...

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#144 Posted by THE_END (592 posts) -

I have unlocked everything in the Sega Genesis Collection but it does not show up on the playstation network trophy site regardless if I am logged in or logged out......
It does show up on my PS3 though.....  Strange.

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#145 Posted by Mordebir (169 posts) -


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#146 Posted by imayellowfellow (629 posts) -


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#147 Posted by vidiot (2891 posts) -


Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
590/590 P

48/48 ACH

249 players
It's like magic!
Or, Sony finally giving up their API to the fine folks at Wiskey Media.
Or it's magic.
I think it's magic.
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#148 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

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#149 Posted by The_Bumble (43 posts) -

That'll do , Giantbomb, That'll do.

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#150 Posted by Box3ru13 (740 posts) -

awesome I got a bunch of trophies and was hoping for this system to come to the PS3. I'm a happy camper. 

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