Sony has posted the 10 most acquired platinum Trophies.

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#51 Posted by korwin (3868 posts) -

InFamous is a pretty easy platinum, just need to finish the game on Hard and get all the shards.

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#52 Posted by jacksukeru (6605 posts) -

My only Platinum trophy is not one of those.

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#53 Posted by devise22 (506 posts) -

I have AC2, Uncharted 1/2 and Infamous from that list.

I wish Developers looked at this stuff. I know tons of people who put in the effort to platinum AC 2 and as soon as multiplayer trophies were introduced in AC: Brotherhood and beyond people weren't going crazy to platinum them as much. I know I was that way. Did all the SP stuff. If your going to have MP trophies do them in the vein that Uncharted 2 did. Make them INCREDIBLY easy. Trophy hunting takes enough effort and time into a game, most of us don't want to spend 50 hours on your multiplayer to get our fix.

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