Accessorize my Vita please!

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#1 Posted by Solh0und (2045 posts) -

So I just got my hands on this nifty thing today and I would love to buy some nice things that might help protect my purchase.

Any good reccomendations? Point em' out!

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#2 Posted by awesomeusername (4606 posts) -

@Solh0und: There's a bunch of cases and stuff here. That's all I know.

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#3 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

I guess get any hard shell case if you insist on one. Any one is going to be as good as another with that kind of thing. Personally I just throw the naked Vita in the front pocket of my bag and I rock around town like that. That is more than enough protection for any reasonably careful owner.

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#4 Posted by LiquidPrince (16859 posts) -

Just get the official screen protector Sony sells for like 9 bucks which comes with two protectors and you should be good to go. Also go into settings and enable the setting that allows you to navigate the UI with the buttons as opposed to just the touch screen.

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#5 Posted by tread311 (377 posts) -

If you don't carry it around in your pocket pick up one of the controller grip things. Much easier to hold.

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#6 Posted by killerklown907 (70 posts) -
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#7 Posted by toolzz360 (253 posts) -

i like the trigger grip add on for it...not necessarily to protect your vita but for functions sake

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#8 Posted by DarthOrange (4178 posts) -

I keep mine naked. It has a chip in the middle of the screen, a few dents in the back, some scratches, and some fingerprints. You don't need protection, the dings give it personality!

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#9 Posted by GooieGreen (466 posts) -

I have the Pull n Go and I like what it does for me. I've been getting more retail games even though I have the 32GB card so it is useful when I travel or to simply keep things together while keeping up some level of protection.

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