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I guess I should just stop calling this late and accept it as the new normal. Anyway, it's December, and here I am again with my my monthly list of current and upcoming titles for the PlayStation Vita. As usual it is focused on the North American market, with Europe and Japan exclusive titles in their own sections below.

Turns out this was a surprisingly active month in terms of new releases. The centerpieces were of course Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight and Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight, but bunch of indes came out as well - including Super Life of Pixel, Emerald Shores, Energy Cycle Edge, Dragonfly Chronicles, Scintillatron 4096, One Word by POWGI, and Dreamwalker. Also released was Atari Flashback Classics, a compilation of 150 early Atari games.

As for new game announcements, it was pretty much all visual novels. Kogado Studio revealed they're bringing their girls love adventure Yumeutsutsu Re:Master out in English on the Vita. While in Japan, the classic EVE franchise continues with EVE: Rebirth Terror, Silverio Trinity set off more debate surrounding Sony's new content policies, and a new Memories Off game is coming as well as a Giga joint called Full Kiss.

In my continued efforts to clean up old, out of date entries, I've removed Children of Morta as the Vita port has officially been canceled by the developer citing the technical limitations of the Vita as a platform. The games Phoenix Force, Last Inua, Unmechanical, Klaus, and Wild Season have been moved to Vaporware. While I couldn't find a formal statement by the developer on the state of these ports, the lack of news since the initial announcement them make it seem highly unlikely that they're still being worked on.

Finally, I've simply removed the retail section from the list. While there are upcoming physical releases, they mostly aren't "retail releases" but rather limited runs sold from the publisher's website. And window for new physical releases is coming to a close, as Sony has stopped taking new orders for them in the west, and publishers are finding their allotment of the remaining game cards too limited to put out everything they wanted.

And I think we're done! Come back in January for... hmm... doesn't look like there's any releases confirmed until Code: Realize: Wintertide Miracles in February. I expect something will show up though, so maybe I'll go back and edit in a trailer then.





  • Orc Attack - Console version released Oct 2013. No news of the Vita version.
  • Starbound - PC version is having development problems, making the Vita port unlikely to happen.
  • C-Wars - Retro RTS thing (abandoned in early access since Mar 2016)
  • SilverQuest: Gaiden - Previously MiniFlake (abandoned in early access since Mar 2016)
  • Smash Derby - Indie vehicle combat arena (no updates, removed from developers page)
  • A Clumsy Adventure - Indie platformer (dev website down, no twitter updates since Dec 2015)
  • Action Henk - Physics puzzle runner? (Vita not listed on homepage, PS4 came out in Mar 2016)
  • Ascension: Chronicle of the God Slayer - Card game (no updates since original annoucement Aug 2014)
  • Rain World - Survival (Out on other platforms, Vita version not mentioned any more)
  • Cloudberry Kingdom - Platformer (No news since 2013, no mention of Vita since, studio moved on)
  • Enter the Gungeon - Procedural dual-joystick shooter (Not cancelled but port low priority for the time being)
  • Snapshot - No news for several years, dev seems to have moved on.
  • James Pond 2: Robocod - Remake by System 3 (no news since 2013)
  • DiscStorm - Top-down arena combat (no news since 2015)
  • The Next Death Ray Manta - New version of the indie dual stick shooter (dev seemingly shut down)
  • The Chaos Engine - Port of the Amiga classic (no news since 2013)
  • Legend of Raven - 2D fighting game from former King of Fighters devs (no news since 2013)
  • Samurai Gunn - 2D deathmatch thing (dev seemingly moved on)
  • Road Not Taken - Procedurally generated puzzle game (held up by middleware problems, fix presumably never coming)
  • AfterZoom - Upgraded version of DSi AR game (came out "exclusively" on iOS in 2015, dev seems to have moved on)
  • Red Goddess: Inner World - Fantasy metroidvania (No updates since 2015, seemingly bailed on Kickstarter backers)
  • One Way Trip - Surreal adventure (No updates since 2016, dev seems to have gone radio silent)
  • Gunship X - Top down airstrike simulator (No updates since 2014, developers seem to have moved on)
  • Phoenix Force - Fantasy shoot 'em up (Launched on mobile instead. Developer moved on.)
  • Last Inua – An Arctic Adventure - Indie platformer (PC in 2014, no news on the console ports. Developer appears inactive.)
  • Unmechanical - Indie puzzle adventure (Came to PS3/4 in 2015, no news since.)
  • Klaus - Puzzle platformers (No news for years. No mention of Vita on game page.)
  • Wild Season - Harvest Moon-ish Kickstarter thing (Project abandoned on Kickstarter since 2016. Dev appears defunct.)
  • Fenix Rage - Challenging indie platformer (Came to PS4 in 2016. Dev appears to have moved on.)


(Titles out in Europe with no American release announced.)


(Japanese titles from the last 2 years that have yet to be announced for western release)



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