How would I feel if I bought a Playstation Vita today...

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I've got this sudden urge to buy a Wi-Fi Vita & 32 GB Memory & Persona 4: Golden & 100$ PSN Bucks for Valkyria Chronicles 2, Final Fantasy Tactics : War of the Lions, Tactics Ogre : Let Us Cling Together, Final Fantasy VI and Vagrant Story. Practically a lifetime's worth of fine JRPGs for roughly 500$.

How would I feel about this purchase...
...the day of the purchase?
...a week after the purchase?
...a month after the purchase?
...half a year after the purchase (at E3)?
Realistically, I have shrinkwrapped copy of God of War 3 laying around. I'm currently perfectly happy playing Guild Wars 2 & Battlefield 3 & Need for Speed : Most Wanted - and there's no time for other games right now. Yet damn if that Vita, filled to the brim with JRPGs, doesn't sound like slice of heaven. I don't really see me spending all the time it'd take to fully appreciate such a marvel, but damn if I'm not tempted.
How do you think would I feel about it? And how about you?

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System and those memory cards are still too expensive IMO.

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#3 Posted by GS_Dan (1435 posts) -

Stick some PSN plus time on that ;-)

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#4 Posted by mwng (1041 posts) -

DO IT NOW! And buy all the PS1 Final Fantasy games and put them on it too.

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#5 Posted by Marz (6072 posts) -

buying a buncha psp games for the vita... may as well just buy the psp.

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I hear Valkyria Chronicles 2 is hot garbage.
Unless you have a ton of other vita exclusive games in mind I wouldn't go for it.
@Marz said:

buying a buncha psp games for the vita... may as well just buy the psp.

This too. 

Also I just realised my avatar looks like bad Japanese censoring, might need to change that.
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If you didn't own a PSP, getting a Vita as a P4: Golden machine and then also a machine to play PSP games on is not a bad idea. I'd maybe wait until a week before Christmas, see if any bundles show up. I'd also grab a year of Playstation Plus instead of buying Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, since that's free with PS Plus right now. You'd also be getting access to almost every other Vita game worth owning/playing with that PS Plus subscription, not to mention whatever comes down the road.

I don't think you'd regret your decision to buy one if you bought one right now as a kickass portable RPG machine. Just be ready to charge that thing constantly, because it goes through its battery life pretty quick.

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@Marz said:

buying a buncha psp games for the vita... may as well just buy the psp.

Not necessarily. The Vita has a much nicer screen, and lets you remap controls to the right stick and the touch screen. Playing text heavy stuff is much more comfortable when you can just swipe the screen to advance instead of having to keep your fingers on the buttons. Also I believe the Vita's battery lasts longer than a PSPs (when playing PSP games), and of course, there's always the possibility that one might actually want to buy a Vita game at a later date.

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You would feel busy. Very busy. My Vita does equal duty playing older RPGs that I never bought on disc, and it does the job wonderfully. Dat Screen.

@Petiew said:

I hear Valkyria Chronicles 2 is hot garbage.

Mechanically, VC 2 isn't a bad game. As far as gameplay goes, they did a really good job making a portable version that isn't a lesser version of the original. The problem is that story wise, it's not good. There are interesting moments for people who liked the first game, but a lot of the time it's so silly that it comes off as parody. It's also not particularly great looking, especially in character detail, which is only made worse because of how gorgeous the original is. Something that earned the game a lot of criticism was that items needed for class upgrades are found through basically random drops, but I personally didn't have too much trouble upgrading my squad to the roles I wanted to put them in. To be fair, I'm a great fan of the VC style gameplay, so grinding wasn't as noticeable for me. At the end of the day, I think the biggest let down was that despite being called "Valkyria Chronicles 2", it didn't really feel like it merited the numeral. However, the end boss is such a "Haha, what?" moment that I think it's worth playing. Or Youtubing.

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#10 Posted by Sayishere (1854 posts) -

Theres a good deal going for a Vita right now, but since im from the UK, i cant really get P4 Golden unless i import it, and prices for games are outrage. I guess i want to play Playstation All stars, and maybe replay some old final fantasy games. Doesnt seem to be worth it, i literally have no idea.

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@Petiew I'm going to chime in about VC2: It's not terrible, but the person who decided character progression should depend on random loot drops deserves to be put in front of a firing squad.

As for the Vita: with the games you plan on buying, you're looking at at least 200 hours of playtime, depending how obsessive you are about getting everything.
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#12 Posted by kindgineer (3089 posts) -

My personal opinion would be to never buy a product simply to play older games or franchises. Somewhere along the way you will stop from either boredom or self-awareness. If you're nothing like me, than you'll probably love your purchase.

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You'll feel bad. Then you'll start playing Persona 4 Golden and it'll be fine again. Then you'll finish and it'll be bad again. Especially with buying that 32GB card too. I need me one of them but they're so goddamn expensive.

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After seeing all this hot stuff that's in P4G I've also been thinking about getting a Vita. My gut tells me go for it but my brain is saying that spending 200€ + the game price on a Persona 4 machine is not a fucking good idea.

I already got a PSP when that stupid thing launched and I only got a handful of decent games on it after all this time. I also barely play any handheld games because gaming on the go is just something I don't like (obviously I should get a handheld right guys?) and if I'm at home I'm probably going to be playing on my PC. Getting a Vita right now seems like an extra big gamble because of the lack of interesting games for it, both in existing releases and with upcoming stuff. P4G seems to be pretty much the only thing worth playing on it plus the odd PSP titles that I can already play on my older paperweight (if it starts after sitting in a drawer for ages). I can also already play P4 on my PC so that makes paying hundreds of moneys for a thing that does the same but with some new content seems like a real bad choice.


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I bought the sweet Vita deal that Brad got on black friday. The AC3:Liberation bundle has that game, a Wi-Fi Vita (the one to get IMO, screw that 3G one-- contracts for a handheld? nope.), and a tiny ass 4GB memory card. The game is whatever, but I bought P4G (cart, because 4 GB =/) and have been loving the shit out of that.

And getting to play more of Tactics Ogre (which I never finished), FFT: War of the Lions (which I played wayyy to much) and the other PS1 games I've bought (Castlevania SotN!, Chrono Cross) has been totally worth it. Dat Vita Screen!

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You'll feel pretty damn good, especially with PlayStation Plus. You'll feel like you'll have more games to play than you will realistically have time for and you'll enjoy the hell out of it.

You'll also wish that modern handhelds had a longer battery life like an iPad does.

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#17 Posted by Sudomiser (49 posts) -

First of all, you'll love it!

Physically, its industrial design is outstanding. The contoured sides, the button-responsiveness, and the analog sticks-- It's self evident that there was serious thought put into them.

Did I mention the screen? I didn't?

Well it's stunning! It's bright and vibrant, the colours are rich, and most importantly, it's perfectly clear in the sunlight. That last point is crucial, being a portable system and all.

And for a handheld that's less than a year old, there's a ton to play. Get PS Plus if you don't already have it. Every month will feel like Christmas :P

People will tell you to hold off for a price cut or a redesign, but to me, what you get for the price is worth it. The Vita is extremely well made, and it deserved my wallet-vote.

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Maybe this might help you feel it as I feel it too.

Month of September I bough a PSVITA 3G+Wifi Ninja Gaiden Bundle plus

-then I bought DW Next and UMvsC3

Month of October was really amazing

-I bought Dokuro, Street Fighter x Tekken and Ragnarok Odyssey.

Month of November was really epic I just bought 1 game and signed on PS plus

-Persona 4 and nothing to say about it.

-6 free games from ps plus [just secret lol]

-Month of December I miss just noticed on my ps3 and put on Vita

-I just bought Zanac and Makeruna Makendo 2 on PS3/PSN then put it on my Vita.

Currently playing on my Vita

-Ragnarok Odyssey


Persona 4

-Zanac x Zanac

-Makeruna Makendo 2

-Street Fighter x Tekken

Now waiting for more Vita sales this December.

Then Soul Sacrifice should be more awaited game this coming 2013

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