iPhone just died replace with VITA?

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#1 Posted by Heath (65 posts) -

SO i can receave Calls and Send calls cheapy on a Vita with skype

So i can send sms cheap on a vita with skype (but no one can reply to these sms unless they type in another number "skype username" message via this strange service in finland fan made)

So if i can find a way to get a app on vita that can handel SMS.. vita will be a perfect phone replacement.

Please some one get SMS send+receave working on VITA!

Or is it time i just stop using SMS and use Facebook msg as now even the older version of the facebook messanger app on iphone act like a SMS asume vita version of fb would have live notifications as well for fb msg? making SMS not needed? .?

I dont work a job that requires a SMS phone atm so i think i will risk getting a vita with no sms suport as a phone replacement. But please if some one can beg sony for SMS app or some sort of mobile number teathering please do.. its really not that large a phone considering the size of the new androids.

This is all ... White or Black?

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#2 Posted by Andorski (5481 posts) -

Using the Vita as something other than a gaming device would be a terrible experience given the battery life that has been reported.

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#3 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

Replace it with a WP7. They are seriously amazing devices. HTC Titan or the beautiful new Lumia line from Nokia.

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#4 Posted by AgnosticJesus (547 posts) -

You're an idiot.

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#5 Edited by Heath (65 posts) -

i woudl not "use it on the go" heaps.. i would only use it when im like OMG i literaly cant do any thing and must wait out side this house / gig for 1 hour (im crew member for a popular "dj" in the world) from what i can tell my use would not drain battery any more than how i used my iPhone 3G asuming of course that i only game for long sessions in hotel room with AC etc... Outside of this skype and FB should not drain battery enugh to make it non phoneworthy its standby could infact be larger than iphone... i shall have to test. im pretty much set on this.. only drawback i can see is no SMS receave functionaly outside of telling people to use a akward method via SMS>to>Skypemsg Converter services in northen europe which really are shit.. a good SMS in service via a app or workaround for example a SMS in service that converts all SMS msg to a number to Tweets from generic placeholder users for conversation leanth... etc.. strange service but a work around like that would make vita viable phone.. i beleave.. and i think a strange loop hole method like that is only hope (outside of dare i hope for a cracked app as sony will not do such a thing?) mabye the demand for SMS in suport on Skype once lots of people get VITAs will make skype add that feature.. that would be great.. but yes

I only have space for one device.. if that means once device with no SMS IN suport due to my DJ lifestyle i think VITA wins.. saves me money 2..

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#6 Posted by Rerejo28 (141 posts) -

No. Like, don't do this. It's not a replacement for a phone, and its huge. No. Also, it's reeeeally hard to read what you are typing.

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#7 Posted by aurahack (2539 posts) -

If I were to say "no" the amount of times needed to get my point across, I could fill up all of Google's and Amazon's hard drives that they use for cloud data storage and still have more "no"s to add.

Get a new iPhone, or get a Galaxy Nexus. Those are actual phones and will do actual smartphone things. Come on, man.

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#8 Posted by pantzing_nome (605 posts) -

A Vita is not a suitable replacement for a phone, if you need a phone get a phone not a gaming device.

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#9 Posted by JoMate (258 posts) -


How about you get yourself the cheapest prepaid phone you can find that will do all your calling and texting and then use the vita for everything else, seems like a problem solved.

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#10 Posted by ftomato (246 posts) -

The Vita is not a phone. It can't do calls, sms, and has a fairly bad browser, and won't be getting productivity apps. If you want a Vita and are short on cash, just get a free phone on contract (a cheap android device or an old iPhone). If you want a single device, just get a good phone.

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#11 Posted by jetsetwillie (882 posts) -

sure hope you have big pockets. cos that VITA aint pocket size

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#12 Posted by Winternet (8399 posts) -

As long as you buy a phone with it . .

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#13 Posted by MattyFTM (14807 posts) -

If you want a gaming device AND a phone, why not buy a Vita AND a cheap feature phone? I don't know what it's like elsewhere in the world, but in the UK you can get a cheap feature phone for around £10. Just buy one of those super cheap phones and use that to phone and text, and use your vita for gaming.

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