PS Vita Buying Questions - Mem Card/Bundle

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Even though the PSP was largely a dust collector for me, with the addition of Playstation Plus (which I already pay for for my PS3) I'm feeling tempted by the PS Vita. (Of course the Bombcast discussions about the system recently play a part as well. Too bad I missed what I heard was an insane deal around Black Friday.)

As is usually the case, there are different bundles floating around, and to add to that the Vita has the whole memory card issue.

1) How big should I go for the Memory Card? The COD bundle I see only comes with a 4GB card, that seems awfully small, especially since I intend to take full advantage of the free full game downloads from PS Plus.

2) I don't give a rip about 3G, so probably sticking with WiFi to save a few bucks, but what bundle would you go with?

3) Any current or upcoming deals you know of?

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1) Depends on what kind of games you're going to download. If you're strictly looking for PSN type games, then a 4GB card is OKAY. If you're looking to download full retail games, you're not going to be able to fit a whole lot (Uncharted alone will basically take up your entire 4GB card). Here's a link showing you some of the download sizes of games... this was from around launch so it may not have some of the newer releases:

2) I don't care about 3G either, don't need the extra cost. I personally just bought the system by itself at the time, but given the choice I will probably go with the LBP bundle if that's still a thing, I was mildly interested in AC: Liberation before but that game turned out somewhat mediocre I believe. Don't bother with the COD one unless you just want to sell it after, it's pretty much been universally panned.

3) Currently living in Asia, none that I know of. There may be some during Boxing Day/Week, but I haven't kept up since that stuff doesn't apply to me any more. Sorry.

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