PS Vita. Grips, triggers, etc. Any you recommend?

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So I've been playing some Vita games at home, well mostly at home actually. Since there are exclusives to the platform that I want to play I play them at home like any other game.

But holding the Vita for a while can be straining. I've been looking at various grips and can't decide on one. The only one I've been able to find in store is the PDP trigger grip one, it feels ok, but without being able to hold the other grips available I can't compare.

Does anyone recommend any specific one? Hori, CTA, PDP, Madcatz, etc.

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I got the PDP trigger grips because they are the only grips that I found that I could charge the vita with the grip attached. It feels pretty good and the trigger buttons feel ok and are much easier to press which made games like gravity rush, where you are constantly mashing the triggers, more enjoyable.

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