Remote Play Vita?

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Oh hi I want to play Tokyo Jungle on my Vita. My Ps3 is back in England but I live in Shanghai. If my sister buys the game and inputs my Vita details on my profile back in England, will I then be able to play the game here in Shanghai? Why not just release remote play games over psn on the Vita if so? Thanks

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Is Tokyo Jungle available for remote play?...

Well, first the game has to actually be able to be played via remote play. And, second, I'm pretty sure you have to be in the general vicinity of the PS3. Kinda like a WiFi thing. Science stuff.

I remote played God of War. Works well enough.

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#3 Posted by Nightriff (7112 posts) -

Pretty sure it won't work, you are half way around the world

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Oh i see. Ya, it is available for Remote Play

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Ok then. Go buy the new Super Slim PS3.... problem solved!

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Remote play will (should) work fine, from anywhere in the world, as long as the game supports it. So yes, you can totally do what you asked.

Edit: For your second question, I imagine it takes less time, money and/or knowledge to enable Remote Play compared to porting to and optimizing the game for a different platform.

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Thanks Ethaniel. Will get my sis on the case!

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I'm afraid the severe input lag will sour the experience. I've tried remote play locally and even getting through menus was frustrating.

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#9 Posted by BlackLagoon (1925 posts) -

@cosi83: Remote Play works fine over the internet, essentially letting you remote control your PS3, though depending on the quality of the connection you might experience a fair bit of lag when you're that far away. You might want to see if you have any other Remote Play compatible games to test how well it works before spending money on a new game.

However, I don't think the Remote Play patch for Tokyo Jungle has been released in Europe yet, so far it's only out for the Japanese version. It's supposedly coming "soon" though.

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Sorry, let me get this straight. If i buy the game on my friends PS3 on the console here in Shanghai, I could play it on the Vita? I live about 20 miles from her yard. Any news on the remote play function being added to the English version?

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#11 Posted by BlackLagoon (1925 posts) -

@cosi83: You could, but the PS3 would have to be turned on and set to Remote Play mode. And the patch is still not out I'm afraid.

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Ah, so the console has to be turned on to allow remote play to work, that is disappointing. Thanks BlackLagoon, once again

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